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Thursday, August 23, 2007
::: NASCO Corridor and Minneapolis Bridge Collapse :::

Am sure it is a mere coincidence ... I35 through Texas runs right up through the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Yeah ... couldn't be anything else.

A picture worth a thousand words.

I35 and the NASCO Corridor

Thursday, July 26, 2007
::: Manhole Cover Conspiracy :::

Its just a coincidence, right?

Manhole covers blowing all over the place ... geeze.

Has anyone noticed ... and perhaps this stuff happens all the time and we just never hear about it, but there do seem to be a lot of pieces of infrastructure blowing up or falling down or burning up ...

Then there is the crazy economy ... market acting like a jumping bean.

Must be the aliens or planet X ... whatdayathink?

::: Michael Vick ~~ NOT ~~ Dogs Best Friend :::

If the allegations lodged against Mr Quarterback prove true ... the horrors so far detailed in the media ... what should we do?

My take ...

Smear his naked body with fat and toss him in a cage with starved dogs!

Sorry ... people who abuse animals are less than human in my book.

Granny is pissed. Animals deserve better than this man.

Gran :(
Thursday, July 19, 2007
::: The Next Human Evolution -- Into Cyborgs :::

Ok ... boy do I really love technology! There is a new tabletop computer that just knocked my socks off ... just think of a coffee table or kitchen table of a wall where you can examine documents, photos, etc. ... enlarge them and move them about the table in any order you like. You can also lay your camera or cell phone on the table and it automatically uploads the photos. Fascinating!! Exciting!!

And at present, the price ... appx $10,000. Suffice to say I will not be running out to Office Max for one of those anytime soon.

As I said, I love technology ... but

Right before our eyes (which for most people are tightly shut) humans are being transformed into ... something else. Something technologically superior, something with "features" ... sound familiar?

In programming (this would be back in the good old days btw), we tried to include as many useful "features" as possible ... but the majority of features being crammed into cell phones, etc. today are too difficult for over half of the population to grasp ... and then ... technology advances so fast new features are added, more folks are confused. We used to call the practice of merely adding more bells and whistles while not making the old or new ones user friendly .... "sticking a bag on the side."

Have you seen people lately with cell phones hanging out of their ears?

Have you seen the advertisements for wearable computers ... i.e. iPods (I realize this is not a computer, but it is still stuck into an orifice of the body) and computer technology built right into clothing?

As William Henry said (paraphrased) in a radio interview on Red Ice Creations, "First it was computers on the desk top, then it was the laptop, then the palmtop ... and now they are shooting for the palm itself" ... or computing within the human body. They want us online. Ever wonder why?

I have seen several television shows on Discovery Science where scientists are actually able to grow human cells on silicon ... and then there are the actual nano-machines being developed to replace our blood and to patrol the body and search for disease and destroy it. Sounds great, huh?

Have you seen any RFID tags on recently purchased merchandise? These convenient little tags follow merchandise every where it goes and if you bought it with a credit or debit card or used a discount card or filled out anything at the store ... it knows where you go too. An added note is even though they have already passed country of origin laws, the lobbyists in DC are blocking it ... or convincing lawmakers to delay it. So they are enabling themselves to collect the info but doing nothing for the people.

Did you realize your cell phone (and cordless phone) is beaming microwave into your brain? Did you realize your cell phone is a GPS tracker. I don't think there is GPS associated with the cordless phone.

Have you heard all new cars have black box type devices to provide information to your insurance company during accidents?

Did you know that handy dandy box (or system ... OnStar) that can unlock your doors for you can also shut off your engine?

Do you remember the commercial a few years back where a scruffy looking guy picks up a steak in a supermarket, sticks in under his leather jacket and goes out the door?But as it turns out, it is recorded as paid as he leaves the store, giving a friendly smile and a wave. That was a representation of a technology that had to be a chip either in clothing or in the body.

Lately they have been pushing Pay Pass ... the elephant who buys all the medicine for the monkey using a fast tap credit card. Then there are all the folks buying donuts using tap cards and one really dorky looking guy pulls out money ... oh no, everyone is horrified at this backward, time consumming practice. Cashless society anyone?

Have you been keeping up with the research where the military is developing new suits of battle armor for our soldiers that are impervious to ballistic attack, chemical weapons and are coupled with superhuman performance training.

This would mean some of us would have these nifty new suits and some would not.

Have you heard they are installing cameras that can identify drivers so they can be taxed ... either for roads or gasoline usage thanks to the absurdity of the claim that humans are causing Global Warming by driving cars. Yes ... we need to stop polluting the Earth, but since the entire solar system is heating up and changing in amazing ways ... I am pretty sure that is not caused by us driving cars.

I suppose all the elites who have suppressed energy technology for 100 years think we will be appreciative to be furnished ethanol which almost costs more to produce than it delivers. So ... what's up with that ... please the farmers? Yep ... anything but do something that helps the people.

And now ... at CERN, where scientists created the first internet as a research tool, they are creating the "Internet of Things" where everything will be online. According to the reports coming out, this system will be an ambient intelligence ... they did not say artificial, but what else can it be ... OMG, it is SkyNet from the Terminator movie.

I don't know about you folks, but I am worried ... wonder when we get or National ID cards?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
::: While Parts of Middle America Drown, While Bush Gives Libby A Free Pass, While both BushMen Cannot Float Their Boat (Instead of not being able to find something with both hands ... Both Bush hands cannot even ... oh fudge .... you get the picture) :::

Iraqi Terror Link a Propaganda Coup

More false flag ops ... ???
How many of these supposed terror attacks have proven out???
More weapons of mass distraction???
More of the same ... Rule By Fear!!!

"Look out, here come the Iran based Al Qaeda Iraqi doctors in flaming death Jeeps."

Meanwhile the hysteria surrounding these events has reached such ridiculous heights that all manner of unconfirmed information is being put out by the mainstream media without rebuttal or even comment from the police or the government.

Read on at above link ...

::: And ... As We Expected --- "The Powers That Be" Have Transformed The VeriChip Into Something So Useful, So Helpful ... So Benign! :::

VeriChip ... now the new XMark, is being hawked to protect infants, the elderly (wanderers), and your personnel ..."your most valueable assets."

How much more disgusting can these people get?

How much more stupid can Americans get?

Monday, June 18, 2007
::: Under Siege -- Ed and Elaine Brown :::

Just wanted to take a second to keep this in the blogging news ... even though the mainstream news has decided to ignore it. These two elderly people have put everything on the line to protest the illegal requirement that ordinary Americans pay tax on income.

As many know already, there is no law requiring Americans to pay income tax.

Here are a few links:

Feds Show Force to Fugitive N.H. Couple

"Heavily armed officers with an armored vehicle moved in Thursday on a fortified hilltop compound owned by a couple convicted of tax evasion, then insisted the show of force was just a precaution.

Officers detained a man walking a dog at the 110-acre spread belonging to Ed and Elaine Brown, but the man — described as a supporter of the fugitive couple — was not arrested, and authorities had no contact Thursday with the Browns, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said.

Deputy U.S. marshals served a property seizure warrant at the office where Elaine Brown is a dentist in neighboring Lebanon. A judge had ordered the property forfeited as part of the couple's sentence for scheming to hide $1.9 million of income between 1996 and 2003.

The Browns insist federal income tax laws are invalid and stopped attending their trial partway through. They were convicted in January and have been fugitives since they were sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison each at an April hearing they did not attend.

Feds insist no raid planned in NH

PLAINFIELD, N.H.—A day after heavily armed officers surrounded his fortified compound, a convicted tax evader said Friday he believes federal agents planned to raid his home before they were discovered by one of his supporters.

Federal authorities said they were only guarding Ed and Elaine Brown's 110-acre spread to protect against violence while they seized the woman's dental practice in neighboring Lebanon to help satisfy a federal court judgment.

"We had no intention of assaulting the house," U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said Friday.

For the entire story, go to The Kentroversy Papers:

Kent always does in depth reporting -- on this issue and many others. The front door to his site is The Kentroversy Papers ... and the headline below goes directly to the story o the Browns.

Police State USA: Big Brother's Most Cool Tool (Part I)

Kent speaks to this in an interview with Vyzygoth. It addresses this issue as well as several other compelling items.

Thursday, June 07, 2007
:: The Coming Financial Collapse of the United States ::

Just a bit of info from another of my fav sites: Kentroversy

Yes, this is a long read. Yes it is frightening. Yes ... many people will poo poo the information provided here. But I am reading of the impending collapse of our dollar and economy all over the net.

Conspiracy? Perhaps many will say so, but when a country has allowed international bankers, The Federal Reserve, to print their money and sell it to them ... with interest, how can it be denied they have us in a stranglehold?

As many who would bother to do the research will realize, our "money" represents mere blips on a computer screen and the paper printed is backed by absolutely nothing. It is currency because the so called "Federal" Reserve (which has nothing to do with our government) says it is.



The Federal Reserve Bank is a private, central bank, that prints what is known as fiat currency. This is money created out of thin air, and it comes with little effort that billions upon billions of dollars can be printed at the ridiculous sum of two-cents per bill. Whether that bill happens to be a one-dollar note, or a one-hundred dollar note, it costs the Federal Reserve Bank the same two-cents. After the money is printed for this outrageously low cost, the member banks then turn around and put the money into circulation, giving their member banks a discount rate. The friendly neighborhood bank then lends it or passes it onto the public (you and I) at full face value.

This represents $19.98 profit on each and every twenty-dollar note!

The answer of who owns the Federal Reserve cannot be found by calling your local Federal Reserve Bank branch. All you will receive by means of an answer is that it is the member banks that own the Federal Reserve Bank system. While this is technically true within the context of semantic deception, it does not address the matter of whom it is that owns the member banks. If one should become brave enough to ask who owns each individual bank within that system, they will be met with complete and utter silence. The teller behind the counter does not know the answers to these questions, and no one ever bothers to inform them of these details of ownership.

By using the name Federal Reserve Bank, the public is lead to incorrectly believe that the Federal Reserve is somehow a part of the federal government of the United States. But, this couldn't’t be further from the truth. The Federal Reserve is not a department of the U.S. Treasury, and it cannot be found among the lengthy listing of the complete federal government departmental structure. After many years of research, I have at last stumbled across the list of the shareholders of the various member banks of the Federal Reserve banking system. It may come as a surprise to find out that the list of stockholders reads like a who’s-who of the global elite --- with names such as Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, and Lehman among them."

"The member banks that own and control the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are:

Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin

Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris

Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy

Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam

Lehman Brothers Bank of New York

Kuhn-Loeb Bank of New York

Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

Goldman-Sachs Bank of New York

If you make it to the end of this informative paper, you will discover ways in which to protect yourself in case these dire warnings come to pass.

Or ... if you so desire ... you can go to main stream news and hear all about how Paris Hilton has been "sprung" from jail after only 3 days ... a vastly more important news item ... yes? NO!

:: Is This Really Amerika ::

Found this horror show on The Talking Dog.

This blog was really never intended to go "All Gitmo all the time"; indeed, there are better sources for that, notably the great Guantanamo Blog and Cage Prisoners, both of which I frequently consult myself. My interest is almost at a meta-level... what interests me almost as much as the subject itself is the [obscene] lack of interest in the subject on the part of most Americans, largely driven by a feckless celebrity driven, short-term thinking American media (especially its well-nigh worthless commercial broadcast media).This lack of interest in the media has created an opening for me to talk with a good many of the principal players in this comedy tragedy. While obviously the human element is critical (which is why I invariably try to ask specific questions about those who are or have been held as guests of our own American state), to be honest with you, I have almost as much outrage about what this says about us systemically-- this "make-it-up-as-we-go-along-to-get-the-results-we-want-even-if-they-violate-every-principle-we-allegedly-stand-for" crap, whether on torture, or open-ended detention, or kangaroo courts, or spying on our citizens (and political opponents) is just not how the country whose legal system I have been proud to be a part of is supposed to behave. NOT. FREAKING. EVER. No expedient justifies it. EVER. If we have to fight our enemies with one or even both hands behind our back to ensure that our laws and principles are followed... then, so be it. Anything else is, dare I say it, cowardly.

Then this ... stomach turning for sure:

Speaking of cowardly, handing off our dirty work to the CIA is an old story. The CIA in turn often hires contractors, such as in "the rendition program", where a contractor was hired to outfit flying torture chambers; this seems, sadly, also consistent with "traditional" American practices (not that we're proud of them, of course... but, as Trevor Paglen told us, the CIA was set up to do illegal things). Case in point... Jeppeson Dataplan, a subsidiary of Boeing was sued today by GTMO detainee Binyam Mohammed ... amongst whose tortures included-- I kid you not-- having his genitals sliced up by our Moroccan allies... and in such condition, his "confessions" were used to implicate, among others, American citizen "enemy combatant" Jose Padilla.

The media in this country is basically nonexistent except for our fascination with rich, skinny or drunken celebrities ... either on their way into or out of rehab or jail.

Please zip over to TD's site for the rest of the sickening tale.

Is this really Amerika? Yes! Amerikan GITMO ... and people (or sheeple ... whichever applies) if you want to talk about something or someone following us home, believe me this is it.

Granny ... nightmares .... day and night.

Uh P.S. as to the "useless eaters" check DC.
Tuesday, June 05, 2007
:: From the News Section of Red-Ice Creations ::

Red Ice is one of my favorite sites for science and conspiracy news plus an incredible line up of fascinating Internet radio interviews.

The Da Vinci chapel echoes to sound of Saturn

"Rosslyn Chapel has, at one time or another, been suggested as the resting place of the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant and even the mummified head of Christ."

A truly astonishing piece ... complete with video and the composed music.


Scientists convert the sequence of proteins into music

"UCLA molecular biologists have turned protein sequences into original compositions of classical music"


The War on Consciousness

"We are truly in a war. It is not the war we imagine we are in, which is the way our true adversaries want it. It is not a foreign war against a foreign enemy. It is a war on consciousness, a war on our own minds. The global war on terror that is being fought around the world is an embodied reflection in the material world of a deeper, more fundamental war that is going on in the realm of consciousness itself."

How we became Sheeple?

Florida Man Invents Machine to Turn Water into Fire

Just click to video link to the right for a demo ... I believe we can actually survive without oil ... if we can get some of these ideas to market just prior to being squashed like bugs by the powers that be.

:: A Little Follow-Up Work ::

Way back on August 21, 2004 ... I posted the following:

::: Bush Tells New Yorkers To Drop Dead :::

Actually, I think I have used this headline before ... but I liked it so well ... could not resist.

Actual header reads:
Bush "Reckless" on Post-9/11 Health Risks, Says Report

Lest we forget, Bush was in such a rush to reopen the $$$$ Markets and Wall Street, he had the EPA issue and "Ok" to the unfortunates living near Ground Zero. This was indeed a reckless move on his part, and now many are sick directly from that decision.

Plus this man actually plans to hold his Convention in New York City. Let none claim Bush is not a brave soul. I know a few New Yorkers and they are NOT happy.

"The Bush administration has learned nothing from the illnesses and hardships suffered by the Ground Zero community, said the report's author Suzanne Mattei. "Rather, it plans to perpetuate them in any future national disaster anywhere else in the United States."

The destruction of the twin towers shot pulverized asbestos, lead, concrete, glass, and other debris into the air throughout lower Manhattan.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dismissed the report as "scare tactics" and said it was committed to protecting the health of New Yorkers and improving its emergency procedures.

"The American public should see this report for what it is: a blatant attempt to use this tragedy for political gain," the EPA said in a statement.

The Sierra Club report was highly critical of how the Bush administration handled the environmental impact of the towers' collapse, which claimed nearly 2,800 lives and blanketed lower Manhattan with dust and debris.

Series of Charges

Among the charges made in the report:

*** the Bush administration failed to warn the public immediately of long-standing evidence that such a collapse would release toxins and make the air unsafe to breathe.

*** the EPA failed on at least a dozen occasions to change its safety assurances even after it became clear people were getting sick.

*** the Bush administration failed to enforce safety requirements among workers on the Ground Zero clean-up effort.
Last year the EPA, in an internal report by its Inspector General Nikki Tinsley, said the White House pressured the agency to make premature statements that the air was safe to breathe.

The EPA issued an air quality statement Sept. 18, 2001, even though it "did not have sufficient data and analyses to make the statement," the EPA report said, adding that the White House "convinced the EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones." Among the information withheld was the potential health hazards of breathing asbestos, lead, concrete, and pulverized glass.

The Sierra Club report said hundreds of people were seriously ill as a result of breathing contaminated air after the buildings fell. It said much of the dust was as caustic as ammonia and had an effect akin to drinking drain cleaner.

New Yorkers .... Ready the Pikes .....

So many of the brave rescue workers from the "pile" have died or have become gravely ill due to their work at ground zero ... and many are being denied health care.

A couple of months ago, my granddaughter came for a visit. While she was here we watched a program about rescue dogs at ground zero. She was very touched by the program and saddened to learn the rescue dogs often became depressed if they found nobody to rescue.

Not long after her visit, I spoke to a rescue worker from Pennsylvania and asked him how the dogs were fairing. I was shocked to here him say, "They are all dead."

I did not mention this to my granddaughter ... instead I quietly fume.

Is Wall Street really worth all those lives ... human and canine?

To some, absolutely. To some, $$$$ is everything. I just wonder ... how much $$$$ is enough? How much $$$$ can a person spend? How many jets, homes, yachts, jewels, cars, etc are enough?

I suspect we Ordinary Fodder Units (OFUs according to Bush Senior) simply cannot fathom the importance of $$$$ and power ... we are just too stupid.

Sometimes ... stupid is a good thing.


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