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Thursday, July 26, 2007
::: Manhole Cover Conspiracy :::

Its just a coincidence, right?

Manhole covers blowing all over the place ... geeze.

Has anyone noticed ... and perhaps this stuff happens all the time and we just never hear about it, but there do seem to be a lot of pieces of infrastructure blowing up or falling down or burning up ...

Then there is the crazy economy ... market acting like a jumping bean.

Must be the aliens or planet X ... whatdayathink?

::: Michael Vick ~~ NOT ~~ Dogs Best Friend :::

If the allegations lodged against Mr Quarterback prove true ... the horrors so far detailed in the media ... what should we do?

My take ...

Smear his naked body with fat and toss him in a cage with starved dogs!

Sorry ... people who abuse animals are less than human in my book.

Granny is pissed. Animals deserve better than this man.

Gran :(
Thursday, July 19, 2007
::: The Next Human Evolution -- Into Cyborgs :::

Ok ... boy do I really love technology! There is a new tabletop computer that just knocked my socks off ... just think of a coffee table or kitchen table of a wall where you can examine documents, photos, etc. ... enlarge them and move them about the table in any order you like. You can also lay your camera or cell phone on the table and it automatically uploads the photos. Fascinating!! Exciting!!

And at present, the price ... appx $10,000. Suffice to say I will not be running out to Office Max for one of those anytime soon.

As I said, I love technology ... but

Right before our eyes (which for most people are tightly shut) humans are being transformed into ... something else. Something technologically superior, something with "features" ... sound familiar?

In programming (this would be back in the good old days btw), we tried to include as many useful "features" as possible ... but the majority of features being crammed into cell phones, etc. today are too difficult for over half of the population to grasp ... and then ... technology advances so fast new features are added, more folks are confused. We used to call the practice of merely adding more bells and whistles while not making the old or new ones user friendly .... "sticking a bag on the side."

Have you seen people lately with cell phones hanging out of their ears?

Have you seen the advertisements for wearable computers ... i.e. iPods (I realize this is not a computer, but it is still stuck into an orifice of the body) and computer technology built right into clothing?

As William Henry said (paraphrased) in a radio interview on Red Ice Creations, "First it was computers on the desk top, then it was the laptop, then the palmtop ... and now they are shooting for the palm itself" ... or computing within the human body. They want us online. Ever wonder why?

I have seen several television shows on Discovery Science where scientists are actually able to grow human cells on silicon ... and then there are the actual nano-machines being developed to replace our blood and to patrol the body and search for disease and destroy it. Sounds great, huh?

Have you seen any RFID tags on recently purchased merchandise? These convenient little tags follow merchandise every where it goes and if you bought it with a credit or debit card or used a discount card or filled out anything at the store ... it knows where you go too. An added note is even though they have already passed country of origin laws, the lobbyists in DC are blocking it ... or convincing lawmakers to delay it. So they are enabling themselves to collect the info but doing nothing for the people.

Did you realize your cell phone (and cordless phone) is beaming microwave into your brain? Did you realize your cell phone is a GPS tracker. I don't think there is GPS associated with the cordless phone.

Have you heard all new cars have black box type devices to provide information to your insurance company during accidents?

Did you know that handy dandy box (or system ... OnStar) that can unlock your doors for you can also shut off your engine?

Do you remember the commercial a few years back where a scruffy looking guy picks up a steak in a supermarket, sticks in under his leather jacket and goes out the door?But as it turns out, it is recorded as paid as he leaves the store, giving a friendly smile and a wave. That was a representation of a technology that had to be a chip either in clothing or in the body.

Lately they have been pushing Pay Pass ... the elephant who buys all the medicine for the monkey using a fast tap credit card. Then there are all the folks buying donuts using tap cards and one really dorky looking guy pulls out money ... oh no, everyone is horrified at this backward, time consumming practice. Cashless society anyone?

Have you been keeping up with the research where the military is developing new suits of battle armor for our soldiers that are impervious to ballistic attack, chemical weapons and are coupled with superhuman performance training.

This would mean some of us would have these nifty new suits and some would not.

Have you heard they are installing cameras that can identify drivers so they can be taxed ... either for roads or gasoline usage thanks to the absurdity of the claim that humans are causing Global Warming by driving cars. Yes ... we need to stop polluting the Earth, but since the entire solar system is heating up and changing in amazing ways ... I am pretty sure that is not caused by us driving cars.

I suppose all the elites who have suppressed energy technology for 100 years think we will be appreciative to be furnished ethanol which almost costs more to produce than it delivers. So ... what's up with that ... please the farmers? Yep ... anything but do something that helps the people.

And now ... at CERN, where scientists created the first internet as a research tool, they are creating the "Internet of Things" where everything will be online. According to the reports coming out, this system will be an ambient intelligence ... they did not say artificial, but what else can it be ... OMG, it is SkyNet from the Terminator movie.

I don't know about you folks, but I am worried ... wonder when we get or National ID cards?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
::: While Parts of Middle America Drown, While Bush Gives Libby A Free Pass, While both BushMen Cannot Float Their Boat (Instead of not being able to find something with both hands ... Both Bush hands cannot even ... oh fudge .... you get the picture) :::

Iraqi Terror Link a Propaganda Coup

More false flag ops ... ???
How many of these supposed terror attacks have proven out???
More weapons of mass distraction???
More of the same ... Rule By Fear!!!

"Look out, here come the Iran based Al Qaeda Iraqi doctors in flaming death Jeeps."

Meanwhile the hysteria surrounding these events has reached such ridiculous heights that all manner of unconfirmed information is being put out by the mainstream media without rebuttal or even comment from the police or the government.

Read on at above link ...

::: And ... As We Expected --- "The Powers That Be" Have Transformed The VeriChip Into Something So Useful, So Helpful ... So Benign! :::

VeriChip ... now the new XMark, is being hawked to protect infants, the elderly (wanderers), and your personnel ..."your most valueable assets."

How much more disgusting can these people get?

How much more stupid can Americans get?


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