Granny Rant
Monday, June 04, 2007
:: What the Holy Horsetails do I think I am doing? ::

Yes I am back???

Perhaps I am back???

Am thinking about being back???

It is near impossible to decide at which point to begin ranting.

Ok then ...

2008 Election: Since our "elected" officials are actually "selected" ... moot point.

Sleeping America: Stepford America (this is a direct steal from a guest on the Vyzygoth Grassy Knoll Internet Radio show ... Kurt Nimmo of the blog: Another Day In the Empire ) is the largest stumbling block to all of our problems today.

Hmmm ... and at this particular point in the gradual destruction of America, I'm not at all sure anything can be done ... even if Americans were to suddenly awaken.

Unfortunately our global masters continue to direct the DC puppets in the creation of the North American Union ... the joining together of a border less ... what? ... "state" ... Canada, Mexico and the United States.

When I mention this to friends, family and acquaintances, I am labeled crazy, conspiracy theorist, etc. That matters not ... one only has to open their eyes to see the behind the scenes machinations of the global elite in ... "Creating a North American Economic Space" as detailed in the Council On Foreign Relations white paper, "Building a North American Community."

Incredibly, the leaders of these three countries have been meeting, signing documents and moving toward the NAU without the direction of Congress or the open knowledge of the American people.

The plan? Horrific!

To split the United States in half with the NASCO Highway, Trans-Texas Highway, NAFTA Super-Corridor ... or whatever tag being hung on the following disturbing picture:

What I wonder is how Americans will feel when they are smacked in the head with a 2 X 4 and are told, "United States? No, this is the North American Union. Your new country."

So ... am I back ... not quite ... but I intend to shake off the chemical fog from the "stuff" being sprayed over my head, the toxins in everything we buy and use and eat, and the electronic signals (Hypno-TV)being beamed into our homes ... yes, going to try to clear my head and rant once again.


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