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Thursday, June 07, 2007
:: Is This Really Amerika ::

Found this horror show on The Talking Dog.

This blog was really never intended to go "All Gitmo all the time"; indeed, there are better sources for that, notably the great Guantanamo Blog and Cage Prisoners, both of which I frequently consult myself. My interest is almost at a meta-level... what interests me almost as much as the subject itself is the [obscene] lack of interest in the subject on the part of most Americans, largely driven by a feckless celebrity driven, short-term thinking American media (especially its well-nigh worthless commercial broadcast media).This lack of interest in the media has created an opening for me to talk with a good many of the principal players in this comedy tragedy. While obviously the human element is critical (which is why I invariably try to ask specific questions about those who are or have been held as guests of our own American state), to be honest with you, I have almost as much outrage about what this says about us systemically-- this "make-it-up-as-we-go-along-to-get-the-results-we-want-even-if-they-violate-every-principle-we-allegedly-stand-for" crap, whether on torture, or open-ended detention, or kangaroo courts, or spying on our citizens (and political opponents) is just not how the country whose legal system I have been proud to be a part of is supposed to behave. NOT. FREAKING. EVER. No expedient justifies it. EVER. If we have to fight our enemies with one or even both hands behind our back to ensure that our laws and principles are followed... then, so be it. Anything else is, dare I say it, cowardly.

Then this ... stomach turning for sure:

Speaking of cowardly, handing off our dirty work to the CIA is an old story. The CIA in turn often hires contractors, such as in "the rendition program", where a contractor was hired to outfit flying torture chambers; this seems, sadly, also consistent with "traditional" American practices (not that we're proud of them, of course... but, as Trevor Paglen told us, the CIA was set up to do illegal things). Case in point... Jeppeson Dataplan, a subsidiary of Boeing was sued today by GTMO detainee Binyam Mohammed ... amongst whose tortures included-- I kid you not-- having his genitals sliced up by our Moroccan allies... and in such condition, his "confessions" were used to implicate, among others, American citizen "enemy combatant" Jose Padilla.

The media in this country is basically nonexistent except for our fascination with rich, skinny or drunken celebrities ... either on their way into or out of rehab or jail.

Please zip over to TD's site for the rest of the sickening tale.

Is this really Amerika? Yes! Amerikan GITMO ... and people (or sheeple ... whichever applies) if you want to talk about something or someone following us home, believe me this is it.

Granny ... nightmares .... day and night.

Uh P.S. as to the "useless eaters" check DC.

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