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Thursday, June 07, 2007
:: The Coming Financial Collapse of the United States ::

Just a bit of info from another of my fav sites: Kentroversy

Yes, this is a long read. Yes it is frightening. Yes ... many people will poo poo the information provided here. But I am reading of the impending collapse of our dollar and economy all over the net.

Conspiracy? Perhaps many will say so, but when a country has allowed international bankers, The Federal Reserve, to print their money and sell it to them ... with interest, how can it be denied they have us in a stranglehold?

As many who would bother to do the research will realize, our "money" represents mere blips on a computer screen and the paper printed is backed by absolutely nothing. It is currency because the so called "Federal" Reserve (which has nothing to do with our government) says it is.



The Federal Reserve Bank is a private, central bank, that prints what is known as fiat currency. This is money created out of thin air, and it comes with little effort that billions upon billions of dollars can be printed at the ridiculous sum of two-cents per bill. Whether that bill happens to be a one-dollar note, or a one-hundred dollar note, it costs the Federal Reserve Bank the same two-cents. After the money is printed for this outrageously low cost, the member banks then turn around and put the money into circulation, giving their member banks a discount rate. The friendly neighborhood bank then lends it or passes it onto the public (you and I) at full face value.

This represents $19.98 profit on each and every twenty-dollar note!

The answer of who owns the Federal Reserve cannot be found by calling your local Federal Reserve Bank branch. All you will receive by means of an answer is that it is the member banks that own the Federal Reserve Bank system. While this is technically true within the context of semantic deception, it does not address the matter of whom it is that owns the member banks. If one should become brave enough to ask who owns each individual bank within that system, they will be met with complete and utter silence. The teller behind the counter does not know the answers to these questions, and no one ever bothers to inform them of these details of ownership.

By using the name Federal Reserve Bank, the public is lead to incorrectly believe that the Federal Reserve is somehow a part of the federal government of the United States. But, this couldn't’t be further from the truth. The Federal Reserve is not a department of the U.S. Treasury, and it cannot be found among the lengthy listing of the complete federal government departmental structure. After many years of research, I have at last stumbled across the list of the shareholders of the various member banks of the Federal Reserve banking system. It may come as a surprise to find out that the list of stockholders reads like a who’s-who of the global elite --- with names such as Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, and Lehman among them."

"The member banks that own and control the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are:

Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin

Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris

Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy

Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam

Lehman Brothers Bank of New York

Kuhn-Loeb Bank of New York

Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

Goldman-Sachs Bank of New York

If you make it to the end of this informative paper, you will discover ways in which to protect yourself in case these dire warnings come to pass.

Or ... if you so desire ... you can go to main stream news and hear all about how Paris Hilton has been "sprung" from jail after only 3 days ... a vastly more important news item ... yes? NO!


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