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Thursday, December 02, 2004
::: SS Wars & the Boomers :::

It is probably not a good idea to get me started on this subject ... but I have been receiving emails pointing out that the SS War is well underway.

Say what you will ... though I think personal savings accounts would be useful for younger workers, there is the problem of paying for the transition. No, I do not think it would be a good or smart idea to borrow the money to do it. Plus, since our elected representatives have robbed us of the monies collected in the past, why should we all be ready to jump on the idea of giving another great windfall to the financial markets? ($900 Billion is the last figure I heard .. over the next 75 years)

I personally would have trusted the markets prior the all the corporate scandals in the past few years. These scandals have NOT been resolved and are continuing ... a thread running throughout the corporate world ... an arrogance that makes one wonder at the Christian Morality behind it.

The SS Wars beginning at this particular time is totally logical since it is the "silly season" where we consumers all take leave of our senses, buy each other lots of "stuff" we do not desire and stay so busy we just might not notice what the jackals in DC are up to.

Anytime there is a great rumbling of "breaking news" we should look behind the wall of corporate media and watch Washington .... who knows, there could be a recess appointment, or Congress might work over the weekend and all night to shove favored bills into law.

The Social Security problem is a subject in which I am very interested ... being 57 and a Baby Boomer ... or as Newt has called us ... "like a Pig moving through a Python."

As if that statement was not enough to really get GrannyRant riled, then Newt and his companion (to mad to catch his name on CSpan that day) went on to say what a "lazy generation" we have been ... and the steam just kept building.

Considering the Republican President Reagan ... in the 1980s essentially doubled my payroll taxes on the premise the monster generation would not have enough surplus to carry itself (since the next generation was smaller and could not support us). This seemed to make sense, but we Boomers still growled and fused. Alas, we had to accept it as fact and since we were all promoting less population growth, we had to admit it would be a good plan.

In my Granny naivete, I only have one important question:

Where is the damn money???

Everyone seems shocked when I ask this, but I am astounded that nobody seems to think we should be entitled to ask it. That is one entitlement I refuse to relinquish.

Quieting self for the work day ... and my contribution to SS taxes.


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