Granny Rant
Thursday, November 11, 2004
::: Granny -- Stealing Advice From SouthKnoxBubba :::

First .... sorry to be gone so long
... too many reasons to enumerate
... will accept laziness if readers prefer the quick fix!

Just a quickie note on Granny's reaction on the election fraud controversy.

Ok, so it is probably true, but ... everyone knew the machines were easy
to hack, full of flaws and gave no paper trail.

Stop whining Dems ... you should have mobilized two years ago. If Dems are
such Woosies they have allowed another stolen election ... well, you get
the President you deserve!

On to the disaster of Bush II:
(Thanks to Bubba, I don't have to google it myself)

The Great Leap From Frying Pan to Fire:

Alberto Gonzales as U.S. Attorney General.

Excerpt >> From Bubba's >>
Excerpt of Gonzales' take on how far U.S.
can go without violating Section 2304A >>

"We conclude below that Section 2340A proscribes acts inflicting, and that are specifically intended to inflict, severe pain or suffering, whether mental or physical. Those acts must be of an extreme nature to rise to the level of torture within the meaning of Section 2340A of the Convention. We further conclude that certain acts may be cruel, inhuman, or degrading but still not produce pain and suffering of the requisite intensity to fall within Section 2340A's proscription against torture."

More later ...
Cat petting fest coming right up ....


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