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Saturday, August 21, 2004
::: Bush Tells New Yorkers To Drop Dead :::

Actually, I think I have used this headline before ... but I liked it so well ... could not resist.

Actual header reads:
Bush "Reckless" on Post-9/11 Health Risks, Says Report

Lest we forget, Bush was in such a rush to reopen the $$$$ Markets and Wall Street, he had the EPA issue and "Ok" to the unfortunates living near Ground Zero. This was indeed a reckless move on his part, and now many are sick directly from that decision.

Plus this man actually plans to hold his Convention in New York City. Let none claim Bush is not a brave soul. I know a few New Yorkers and they are NOT happy.

"The Bush administration has learned nothing from the illnesses and hardships suffered by the Ground Zero community, said the report's author Suzanne Mattei. "Rather, it plans to perpetuate them in any future national disaster anywhere else in the United States."

The destruction of the twin towers shot pulverized asbestos, lead, concrete, glass, and other debris into the air throughout lower Manhattan.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) dismissed the report as "scare tactics" and said it was committed to protecting the health of New Yorkers and improving its emergency procedures.

"The American public should see this report for what it is: a blatant attempt to use this tragedy for political gain," the EPA said in a statement.

The Sierra Club report was highly critical of how the Bush administration handled the environmental impact of the towers' collapse, which claimed nearly 2,800 lives and blanketed lower Manhattan with dust and debris.

Series of Charges

Among the charges made in the report:

*** the Bush administration failed to warn the public immediately of long-standing evidence that such a collapse would release toxins and make the air unsafe to breathe.

*** the EPA failed on at least a dozen occasions to change its safety assurances even after it became clear people were getting sick.

*** the Bush administration failed to enforce safety requirements among workers on the Ground Zero clean-up effort.
Last year the EPA, in an internal report by its Inspector General Nikki Tinsley, said the White House pressured the agency to make premature statements that the air was safe to breathe.

The EPA issued an air quality statement Sept. 18, 2001, even though it "did not have sufficient data and analyses to make the statement," the EPA report said, adding that the White House "convinced the EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones." Among the information withheld was the potential health hazards of breathing asbestos, lead, concrete, and pulverized glass.

The Sierra Club report said hundreds of people were seriously ill as a result of breathing contaminated air after the buildings fell. It said much of the dust was as caustic as ammonia and had an effect akin to drinking drain cleaner.

New Yorkers .... Ready the Pikes .....

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