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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
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Dean: Bush's War on Science
By Gov. Howard Dean M.D.

It just keeps getting worse and worse ... Does the Bush Administration actually want to implode the presidency or do they sense they are in total meltdown and are in a dither to pass as much horrible stuff as they can shove down America's throat?

One has to wonder ....

Egregious examples abound. Over-the-counter morning-after contraceptive sales are banned, despite the recommendation for approval by an independent panel of the Food and Drug Administration review board. The health risks of mercury were discounted by a White House staffer who simply crossed out the word "confirmed" from a phrase describing mercury as a "confirmed public health risk." A National Cancer Institute fact sheet was doctored to suggest that abortion increases breast-cancer risk, even though the American Cancer Society concluded that the best study discounts that. Reports on the status of minority health and the importance of breast feeding are similarly watered down to appease right-wing ideologies.

Perfect example of horse's asses running everything. Let's all hope we do not need health care!


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