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Saturday, July 17, 2004

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Pitt and his great insights: The Push ....
[..]  The first and foremost wild card in the 2004 election is, of course, the national mainstream news media. The release and subsequent wild success of Michael Moore's documentary 'Fahrenheit 911' has caused the news media to bunker itself behind walls of self-righteous self-protection.  Moore exposed the degree to which our journalistic institutions hauled water for Bush's fraudulent push for war in Iraq. The news media did this while simultaneously broadbanding terror fears to the populace, a sustained bombardment that served the propaganda purposes of the Bush administration.
    Moore has revealed them, shamed them, and their reaction has been predictable. Rather than cop to the fact that they blew it, the national news media now defends and props Bush as a means of defending and propping their own clobbered credibility. If Bush loses, they lose, and so every moment from now to November will bring a chorus of praise for Bush and a rain of jeering for Kerry. Spend an hour watching CNN and see the truth of this for yourself. This will have a significant effect on the race.
    The second wild card in the equation is the counting of the votes themselves. Thanks to the passage of the Help America Vote Act, more than 100,000 electronic voting machines will be used by voters all across the country in November. Because these machines provide no paper ballot to verify the vote, because the makers of these machines have refused to allow anyone to make sure the software involved won't decide 2 + 2 = 5, or maybe 3, or 0, and because many of the executives involved in the manufacture of these machines are a who's who list of conservative activists, it is not at all certain that We The People will have final say in the election. [..]
[..]  The other wild card is, of course, Osama bin Laden and the possibility of a large explosion. The American people are not like the Spanish, who threw Aznar out on his ear some months ago because he took his nation to war against the will of 80% of the electorate. The meme in the media says the terrorists won that election, but this is false. Aznar lost because he threw his people into the meat-grinder against their will, and he was punished for it.
    American citizens, hypnotized by a media that knows war and fear keeps people glued to the TV, and therefore buttresses revenue by way of commercials, are far easier to incite into a lemming-like charge off the nearest cliff. Should there be another attack near the election, Americans will be bombarded with the refrain, "Do you want the terrorists to decide the election?" The implication will, of course, be that a vote against Bush is a vote for Osama.  If the timing of such an attack falls close to November, a state of emergency declaration could well put off the election entirely. The chairman of a new federal voting commission appointed by Bush, DeForest Soaries, is already in the process of developing scenarios for such an occurrence.  [..]
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Fox News In Cross Hairs Of New Documentary  -- Outfoxed!

Working in stealth for six months, Greenwald pieced together allegations from former Fox insiders, memos from the network's editorial chief and extensive on-air clips taken from four months of taping the channel to lay out how Fox, in his view, aggressively promotes a Republican agenda.
    His arsenal includes:

A 2000 tape in which Fox News Channel's chief political correspondent Carl Cameron chats amiably with then-presidential candidate George W. Bush - just before interviewing him - about how much Cameron's wife is enjoying campaigning for the president-to-be. Such conflicts of interest aren't generally allowed at other media outlets. "My wife has been hanging out with your sister...." Cameron tells Bush. "She's a good soul. She's a really good soul," Bush responds. The unaired footage that precedes the interview, billed as a "Fox News Exclusive," appears to have been pulled off a satellite feed. (Moore used such outtakes as a central motif of "Fahrenheit," as he sought to capture images of administration figures in unflattering moments.)
Nine recent memos from John Moody, Fox's editorial chief, tersely laying out the way in which Fox's reporters and anchors are to discuss the day's news, including pro-administration developments they are to highlight, such as the economy's job growth.
Former West Coast anchor Jon Du Pre talking about how reporters were praised when they took shots at Democrats and encouraged to report negatively on Jesse Jackson. The anchor also said he got in trouble because his coverage of a Ronald Reagan birthday celebration wasn't sufficiently enthusiastic.
Fox clips juxtaposed with Republican talking points to show how news anchors and opinion commentators pound home a theme throughout a day, such as a sustained attack on former White House terror chief Richard A. Clarke and a humorous portrayal of presumptive Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry as "French."
    One series of clips is strung together humorously to make Fox's top-rated host Bill O'Reilly look bad. After he claims he has only told a guest to "shut up" once, O'Reilly is seen in clips using the phrase over and over. More seriously, the movie explores O'Reilly's on-air feud with the son of a man killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center.

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