Granny Rant
Saturday, July 17, 2004
::: Absence Makes The Blogger ... UH? :::

What excuses will bring forgiveness?  I can provide many including 4 hospital stays of a few days each (stepdad), vacations at work and having to work extra hours [ one very interesting things I have noticed as an aside --- ok, it is Summer folks and the pharmacy is busier than ever. If this is the case now, the fall and winter could be brutal.  WOW!], it is too hot for Granny and she is stricken with a horrible case of the Lazies, and Granny has way too many cats to tend and they are extremely demanding.

However ... though the excuses detailed above are true, there is another reason for my absence. Granny has been on a TinFoil Hat Vacation.  And what a great adventure ... been roaming the message boards of Whitley Strieber (of "Communion"  fame) ... a wonderously spiritual and interesting site. So there, yell and scream at Granny, kick Granny out of the RTB ... whatever. I have been enjoying Strieber's radio program Dreamland as well. It features programs of diversity that run from Linda Moulton Howe's terrific crop circle investigations, the spate of recent UFO Sitings, Fulcanelli's Alchemic work, "The Mystery of the Cathedrals", (I hope that title is correct), Jay Weidner's "The Great Cross of Hendaye", investigations of the Mayan Calendar, Strieber and Art Bell's, "The Day After Tomorrow" and abrupt climate change, Strieber's books, "The Key" and "The Path". ..................................................... NOTE: Granny is having trouble with the new format from Blogspot. I love it but I cannot get it to execute a carriage return to create a new paragraph ... sorry, it is going to all run together.

Wow .... I got a CR ... super. Anyway, you are going to have the privilege of learning this new format with me.
Now (see ... could not get a blank line here) ... I will wrap this up and post some political stuff for the VTGP.   Granny  .... OK, I have started another post, but I cannot deal with this lack of carriage returns. Looks like you will only have this ittsy bittsy post on my absence .... sorry, have sent email to them to ask what the dog-doodie is going on.

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