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Saturday, June 26, 2004
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::: Why Cheney Said The F-Word :::

It was in response to SouthKnoxBubba's brilliant review of Fahrenheit 911

Hey, Dick, Bubba can go to any movie he wants ... at least that is the case so far. 'Course many Americans realize you and Georgie are trying to change all that ...

Sooo ... This is what all the fuss is about.

Bubba says ...

[..] Bubba
Say what you will about Michael Moore, but Fahrenheit 911 is a masterpiece. Moore puts you through an emotional wringer, relentlessly assaulting your sensibilities with the outrageous, the profane, and the absurd. During the first five minutes, I whispered to Mrs. Bubba that I didn't know if I would be able to take it. She concurred. By the time it was over we had both gone through a few Kleenexes. But thankfully Moore provides comic relief when it's most needed.
[..] Bubba

The local Knoxville paper had responses from moviegoers and a few local Republicans (who, according to Bubba, will not see the movie).

[..] KnoxNews

Leaving the 5:10 showing of the film, Lori Barnes fought back tears.

"I just can't believe our president would lie to us the way he has," she said. The most powerful thing was "seeing the mother talk about her son (who died in the Iraq war), because my husband was in the first Iraq war."

Waiting in line for the 7:50 show, Chattanooga resident Howie Sompayrac said he was afraid the movie would confirm what he already knows.

"I'm both excited and scared to see this movie because I think it will be mindboggling to see how corrupted our government is," said Sompayrac, who has voted for both Democrats and Republicans in the past. "It's created a big stir among Republicans so I figure he must have something good."

Republicans have said the film skews the facts and that Moore has a political agenda.

"This movie couldn't be more wrong," Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, a Republican, said Thursday. "President Bush did a magnificent job during the crisis following the cowardly attack on America. Frankly, (Moore's) trying to use the Sept. 11 tragedy for personal gain is reprehensible."

Chad Tindell, chairman of the Knox County Republican Party, said he does not plan to see the movie and thinks it will only be of interest to people who dislike Bush.

"It is portrayed as a documentary but I think most people who've seen it have said it is fiction," Tindell said. "Without question it has political purpose by Michael Moore. Events are slanted and not necessarily correct. They're not factually accurate."

But Kevin Barry, Knox County Chairman for Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign, said he hopes people will see the movie before judging it.
[..] KnoxNews

[..] Bubba
Moore is apparently pushing the right buttons. The only thing more reprehensible for him to be using 9/11 for personal gain (which he's not) would be for politicians to use 9/11 for political gain. Oh, wait...

(P.S. I think Chad Tindell ought to call up Lila Lipscomb and explain how her son's death is "fiction".)
[..] Bubba

WOW ... Personally, I think I might just see the movie myself, you know, before I decide if I like it or not.

Besides, have you noticed? Politicians sure are getting testy lately. Cheney tells Pat Leahy to "F-Off" or "F-Himself," then Clinton gets snippy with a foreign reporter and Bush copies him.

Must be an election year!


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