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Sunday, May 16, 2004
::: WOW - Is This The Future? :::

Recommended by Granny ...

Nanotechnology: Molecular Assemblers

The little ... and believe me, little is a relative term when used to describe the building blocks of Molecular Assemblers, clunky-looking blocks do all the work.

Far too complex for Granny to explain, I will allow the author of this article, Bill Spence, to do so.

Seen from the beginning (in forward time), trucks arrive at a hole in the ground dumping structural materials to the side. A few special trucks appear loaded with solid rectangular cargo Suddenly these featureless cargoes become animated, break into individual cubes and "pour" themselves off the flatbeds to the ground by sliding over and around each other. Now a chunky blob, the mass raises itself from legs made of its own cubes, while cubes at the top slide over the bottom cubes, then down the leading edge to make more legs as back legs withdraw into the mass. The monstrosity "walks" over by two other off loaded blobs. The blobs congeal into a larger mass then heads for a pile
of steel I-Beams.

From inside the creature, stubby arms appear, sliding over the cubes' flat surfaces, heading towards the steel. Great numbers of beams are hoisted from the ground and elevated to the top of the mass as other arms slide down for more. Then, the whole monster morphs and pours down the hole with the beams. From the ground, one by one, beams appear vertically in a symmetrical pattern and other beams are attached crosswise by arms with whining torque wretches.

What is going on? What are these things? They are Fractal Shape Shifting Robots. You are witnessing the birth of an age called "Digital Matter," where units of matter are controlled discreetly, like computers treat bits of information.

A most fascinating article ... and complete with animation as well. This article is an uplifting look into the future and well worth your time.

Gran, who is shocked and awed.

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