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Friday, May 14, 2004
::: Volunteer Tail Gate Party Is Up :::

Terrific selection this time and I must congratulate MEDB'S Montage for the great job!

One in particular caught my eye: No Quarters, which was on Eugenics. I had seen something on CSpan Book TV re this subject and posted a reply:

I did not realize they were still trying to do this stuff.

There is a really good book(award winning and horrifying) on the subject by Edwin Black, War Against The Weak

This link goes to a site where you can read excerpts. It is truly horrible and his other book re IBM And The Holocaust is startling as well.

The people who consider us ordinary fodder units ... OFU's (a Bush Sr., term) and "useless eaters" began trying to weed us out on Long Island at Cold Spring Harbor Labs. More than 60,000 were sterilized and the truth never came to light until decades later.

I saw him on CSpan at a Tenn book festival in Nashville one Sunday ... just caught the end where he called for questions. Nobody raised a hand. Black said, "Don't worry, this subject is so horrible and so shocking, I often get this response. The audience is so stunned, they cannot manage questions."

He continued with his presentation until a few managed to catch their breath and mumble questions. I wondered what the presentation had been and found his website. Black contends this was the basis of the surge in genetics research and the push to identify the human genome. Holy Cats!

Truly Amazing ... Gran

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