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Sunday, May 30, 2004
::: Nuke Testing To Resume? :::

Holy Crap

Granny is not exactly sure why she believed in the notion that human beings had advanced from the barbaric to the extent we would never again go down this path.

Foolish Granny!

Local and national military watchdogs say all indications are that President Bush, if re-elected, would begin testing some types of nuclear weapons before the end of the decade at the NTS, located about 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas and upwind of Utah. "You put all the pieces of the puzzle together," said Steve Erickson, director of the local Citizens Education Project, "and it leads to the conclusion that yes, we may very well be on the road to a resumption of nuclear testing."

Frank von Hippel, who teaches public and international affairs and works on nuclear weapons issues at Princeton, was a White House adviser on national security, concerned with science and technology policy, and was one of those responsible for arranging the present moratorium on nuclear testing. He told the Deseret Morning News on Monday that a Defense Department official told him earlier this year that "based on the way he saw things going inside the administration, that if the Bush administration is re-elected that we would resume testing in 2007 or 2008."

It said that after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the government found a need "for more operational testing, contamination and decontamination testing, forensics testing, personal protective equipment (PPE) testing, enclosed environment detection and decontamination testing and counter-terrorism training as they relate to biological or chemical agents.

However, defensive research against chemical and biological threats already is carried out on the Army's Dugway Proving Ground, located in the western Utah desert. In 2002, Dugway issued a proposal to substantially increase chemical and biological defenses and counterterrorism training. Erickson said sometimes simulants can cause illness but that would be a minor problem, unless the exposed person was in compromised health. If simulants were used at the NTS, he does not think dangerous concentrations could reach Utah. As far as Erickson is concerned, the larger concern is the test site's future. "What's the public policy decision here?" he asked.

Damn! Granny sure is naive, huh?

Does anyone actually think, I mean in light of the brilliant prosecution of the war in Iraq, for example, the persons holding the people's purse strings and the hawks at DOD know of which they speak?

I still call for those movies that provided a real representation of what "limited nuclear war" would entail be shown each and every year ... to adults as well as children (watching with adults, of course) over ten.


The Day After

Perhaps if we can educate the children early enough to the horrors of nuclear destruction, they can put a stop to the madness.

An indication from reporting on CBS just how hysterical we have become after 9-11. Rummy refuses to rule out use of nukes.

By the way, doesn't everyone find it interesting Bush pulled out of the non-proliferation treaty BEFORE 9-11?

God help us all ... save us from Trigger Happy fools.

Even if we consider the thick blanket of fear and stress draped on the shoulders of all Americans after 9-11, this excerpt from the Trigger Happy link makes quite a statement ...

How should the Pentagon get Osama bin Laden? With a discreetly placed nuke, says Rep. Steven Buyer, the right-wing congressman from northern Indiana. "Don't send special forces in there to sweep," Buyer told an Indianapolis TV station. "We'd be very naive to believe that biotoxins and chemical agents were not in these caves. Put a tactical nuclear device in and close these caves for a thousand years."

And of course there was this from Sen. Robert Torricelli, the New Jersey Democrat, vowed that the United States would "unleash hell upon them."

Ok, so we all wanted to "get some" after 9-11, but for nuclear weapons to rocket to the forefront in the minds of congressmen ...

Again I say ... Holy Crap!


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