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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
::: Granny's Bite-Me Awards :::

Have you ever seen a more obnoxious suck-up than Mike Leavitt, Head of EPA, who is trying to sell Bush as helping the environment. We need to question him re the 94-96 proposed new coal plants.



Then there is Sen Larry Craig railing about energy prices ... suggesting it is the dems fault because they will not pass the Energy Bill ... I still do not know what all is included in the bill ... but it must be tacky, and it must involve more than drilling in Alaska.


I thought Sen Ted Stevens (Alaska) was going to have a stroke this am ... got pissed off at the hearing where Rummy was asking for the $25 Billion for Iraq cause people kept asking about Iraqi abuse and the horrible beheading of Nick Berg. He was red in the face and spitting ... personally, I think he has spent too much time close to HAARP. He brain is microwaved.


Sen James Inhoff
Who is outraged at all the outrage at the Iraqi prisoner abuse and pictures, and cited outrages perpetrated on us such as all of our dead troops, the 4 burned contractors and 9-11.

Heads-up! Most of us who are outraged by the abuse of prisoners are outraged because we do not desire to sink to the level of our tormentors and the level of the terrorists. I was somehow thinking we were supposed to hold ourselves to a higher standard than Al Qaeda, but I could be mistaken.

Is that what we should do, Sen. Inhoff, be more like them?

Super BITE-ME Award

What's the problem? According to Rush Limbaugh's train of logic, these people are just blowing off some steam and having a good time by cutting this man's head off.


And ... A Bite-Me-Not Award Goes to:

Sen Lindsey Graham (SC) for his comment (paraphrase
"It is alright to apologize. It does not make you smaller, it makes you larger.

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