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Sunday, May 16, 2004
:::: Granny Planned To Blog On Sy Hersh's Article :::
::: "The New Yorker" - Rummy's Pentagon Secret :::

But ... SouthKnoxBubba did such a fantastic job ...

Small excerpt:

"Rumsfeld’s goal was to get a capability in place to take on a high-value target -- a standup group to hit quickly," a former high-level intelligence official told me. "He got all the agencies together -- the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. -- to get pre-approval in place. Just say the code word and go." The operation had across-the-board approval from Rumsfeld and from Condoleezza Rice, the national-security adviser. President Bush was informed of the existence of the program, the former intelligence official said.


Cambone then made another crucial decision, the former intelligence official told me: not only would he bring the sap’s rules into the prisons; he would bring some of the Army military-intelligence officers working inside the Iraqi prisons under the sap's auspices. "So here are fundamentally good soldiers -- military-intelligence guys -- being told that no rules apply," the former official, who has extensive knowledge of the special-access programs, added. "And, as far as they’re concerned, this is a covert operation, and it’s to be kept within Defense Department channels."

Thanks Bubba ... Rummy can pack his bags.

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