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Monday, May 17, 2004
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WOW! I just read your post and was instantly transported back in time........right down to the granny glasses, the beads, the forever bare feet (no birkenstocks for this former flower child!!) and the frayed jeans that we were always constantly stepping on......The pungent smell of mmmm, I wonder what it could be??!! is in my nose yet again, I can almost feel the candle wax dripping down my arm and the beat goes on. It was as they say, 'the best of times and the worst of times.' My high school ex-boyfriend was off fighting a war that never should have been and I had moved on.....we were worlds apart by then and yet.....maybe we were not so far apart. Did he and his comrades really believe? Or were they as the young men and women today, just doing their duty as soldiers.....I know he came back from there. Was he whole in mind and body? I shall never know. Did he go on with life as though VietNam had never been? Has it had a profound effect on the rest of his life and the lives of countless others. Is he and his comrades in arms speaking out now when their voices can be heard and perhaps heeded?

If you are waiting for the children of today to take to the streets as we did back then I think you have a long wait, most just don't get it and those that do, won't go that route. Why? I don't know, I guess cause they are just too far removed from it all. They have had it all handed to them and the fire isn't in their eyes and the fight isn't in their hearts the way it was in ours........right or wrong. They have had it too good and too comfortable for too long (and we, as parents can only blame ourselves), and while they might rail against the injustice, far too few are willing to put themselves out to join a movement or start a movement. I wonder who our future leaders are.......I worry about who they might be and what their world view is.

There are no easy answers and yet, if we don't move some to do as we did then, all could be lost and our lives and their lives as we and they have known it could be something their children will only read about in a history book someday....
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Granny Responds to the Response.

Cyn ...

Thanks for the response and the further reminiscence.

"If you are waiting for the children of today to take to the streets as we did back then I think you have a long wait, most just don't get it and those that do, won't go that route.

Ok ... but I remember the "they have had it too good, too easy," argument was used to criticize US ... the infamous Baby Boomers ... the ones who are lazy and (have to paraphrase here)as I heard one politician say while speaking on CSpan about "what on earth can we do about the hoards ... the huge masses of Boomers set to retire and destroy Social Security." Plus, there is another factor that loomed huge in the equation -- The Draft. We were furious because our families and friends were being destroyed for another senseless war.

I honestly cannot remember who he was, but he was having a debate with Newt Gingrich. This approximates what he said ... "... so lazy ... it is like a pig moving through a python."

Wow ... just did a search and this comment is threaded all through statements about us. It just hit me wrong that day because I kept hearing Senators in $3,000 suits railing about how the government could not support this huge hoard.

Excuse Me ...

Many years ago our payroll taxes were raised in anticipation of the Boomer retirement and that created a surplus ... Where is that money now? And they are encouraging the next generation to invest in Health Ins Accounts ... who will guard that money?

Obviously our elected officials cannot be trusted with any amount of money. Social Security is NOT BROKE or it would not be is it were not for the little party they have each week ... deciding which of the top 1% will get this incoming excess.

Damn, these criminals make me furious.

One more question: How far under the jail would you and I be if we STOLE $Millions$ from a supposed financial TRUST?

Maybe it is not as bad as I thought. Excerpt from: Boomer Wake-Up Call

When boomers reach any stage of life, the issues that concern them--whether financial, interpersonal, or even hormonal--become the dominant social, political, and marketplace themes of the time. And, as we have repeatedly seen, boomers don't just populate existing lifestages or consumer trends, they transform them. Some examples:

*** Boomers didn't just eat food--they transformed the snack, restaurant, and supermarket industries.
*** Boomers didn't just wear clothes--they transformed the fashion industry.
*** Boomers didn't just buy cars--they transformed the auto industry.
*** They didn't just date--they transformed sex roles and practices.
*** They didn't just go to work--they transformed the workplace.
*** They didn't just get married--they transformed relationships and the institution of the family.
*** They didn't just borrow money--they transformed the debt market.
*** They didn't just go to the doctor--they transformed healthcare.
*** They didn't just use computers--they transformed technology.
*** They didn't just invest in stocks--they transformed the investment marketplace.

Yet the boomers' demographic weight has not always made things easier for them. While the group's large size consistently benefits others who sell them products and services, it is often a distinct disadvantage to individual boomers. Their vast numbers have created fierce competition for everything they've wanted throughout their lives: for school space as children, for team and club memberships as teenagers, for college entrance, and for homes and good careers as young adults. At every stage, they've had to fight their way through the demographic bottleneck that their own numbers have caused. They may have received more attention as a group than any other, but as individuals, the odds of receiving satisfying benefits have always been--and always will be--against them.

In any event ... Vacation for Granny is over and now it is back to pushing pills.

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