Granny Rant
Monday, May 10, 2004
::: Blowing The Lid Off Iraqi Abuse :::

As the steam builds and the lid covering the truth about Americans
abusing Iraqi prisoners, the world takes notice and our reputation
circles the toilet.

Everyone ... at least most thinking people ... understands the damage done by the release of the horrifying photos from Abu Ghraib. The photos and stories broadcast to the world will haunt this nation for the foreseeable future. It will require many multiples of years for photos of naked prisoners in piles to fade from global memory.

One of the latest, a terrified naked prisoner flanked by attack dogs opens a well of sadness too deep to ponder in the midst of continued revelations. Most agree the most haunting is the scarecrow image of a prisoner hooded and draped, with wires attached, hands, feet and God knows what else, bearing captions revealing the threat of electrocution.

Now further damage will pile to a heap in the scramble to justify, deny, explain, finger-point, and cover the disgusting, unjustifiable behavior of our fighting men and women.

How did we come to this ... ?

Is this the high moral ground?

Is this compassionate conservativism?

Has it always been this way, or is this a new level of LOW for

President Bush, his Cabinet, the Senate and the Congress need to know this ... Americans see you for what you are ... Americans are beginning to awaken to the horror of what this country has come to symbolize. We know our elected officials care nothing for the common man, care only for the interests of corporations, the "free market," self-enrichment, the continued destruction of our planet for profit and policies based on the continued hope that Americans remain busy, confused, and clearly hypnotized by the blind consumerism represented by Wallmart and defined by the desire for THINGS instead of the quality of life and the the opportunity to pass a clean, safe and stable world to our children.

When the picture of a tortured Iraqi replaces the Statue of Liberty as the symbol of America in the eyes of the world, Osama bin Laden doesn't really need to offer a reward to his murderers in Iraq or elsewhere.

Granny, who wishes to hide in shame ... but knows better than to follow the example of our leaders.

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