Granny Rant
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
::: Rockefeller Regrets Vote On Iraq :::
::: New Weapons Search Is A Sham :::

West Virginia Senator on Iraq: "My Vote Was Wrong."

"The decision got made before there was a whole bunch of intelligence," said Rockefeller, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. "I think the intelligence was shaped. And I think the interpretation of the intelligence was shaped.

"We had this feeling we could be welcomed as liberators. Americans don't know history, geography, ethnicity. The administration had no idea of what they were getting into in Iraq. We are not internationalists. We border on being isolationists. We don't know anything about the Middle East."


Granny thinks there are going to be many "Regrets"
and hopes the Senator from W. Virginia is sincere.

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