Granny Rant
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
::: Puzzles In Our Skies :::

In Our Face

Ok, Granny is going to go public ... and this is only the tip of the nasty iceberg.

Indeed, when I have tried to speak to anyone on this subject I don't get the
thousand yard stare, I get the ten-thousand yard stare and I notice people
reaching for a net.

I admit I never noticed this phenom myself for a long time, but once pointed
out and due to the fact there are planes spraying over my house right now,
I consequently always look up when I go outside.

Granny has be studying this chemtrail, aerosol scattering, spraying or whatever
you want to call it for over a year and a half. I began noticing it a few months
after 9-11 when a co-worker, who had become extremely ill, joked, "They must
be spraying something on our heads." Unfortunately, I am a smoker and when
I would go outside to smoke, I had the opportunity to notice the sky. I "looked up"
only occasionally at first, but then gradually began to notice a patter. The planes
would appear and begin stripping the sky, making grids and X patterns whenever
there was a patch of blue sky.

How can you tell the difference? Follow the link below
and be sure to use the "next" button.
Good Clouds/Fake Clouds -- How to tell the difference

These odd aerosol cloud formations are everywhere now ... pictured in movies,
on television, in photographs and the post office is now preparing to offer a
series of "Chemtrail" stamps! Amazing.

In artwork and advertising

Much, much, much more to come ....

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