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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
::::::: How Quickly We Forget ~ Bush :::::::
::: Smuggled Part Of Patriot II Into Law :::

All the goings on around the world got me thinking and remembering about
last Christmas Eve, When Dubya gave us a Christmas present ... two actually.
While Americans watched as Hussein was probed for head lice, Bush signed
parts of Patriot II into law and the FBI had just obtained the power to probe
their financial records, even if the feds don't suspect their involvement in crime
or terrorism.

With the Supreme Court hearing cases re American Citizens rights, the Bush
administration being accused of being "Worse Than Watergate," threats
blaring from the TV that we may be attacked by terrorists inside the United
States before the election, frankly, Granny is frightened.

No, not of terror attacks or the war in Iraq, but rather the direction in which
this country is headed. Through lies and manipulation of intel, a banging drum
that carried this country into an unnecessary war, we arrive at this unpleasant
juncture. I am afraid when I realize how badly this war was bungled. Because
of improper planning, not sending enough troops, and apparently not even
taking the time to "study up" on Iraq, the Iraqi people, their customs and
worst of all ... not understanding the Democracy enough to know it cannot be
presented as a gift or a threat. When you free a people who have lived under
a yoke of oppression for 35 years, certainly a reasonable, logical, thinking person
would consider the consequences of that freedom.

Perhaps it is because G.W. Bush, like his father, has no connection to ordinary
Americans. He never had to worry about money for school, peer pressure that
demands all the latest designer clothes, pledging a great frat ... or is Skull &
Bones a real frat? For some reason, I see them dressed in black robes and the
vision only descends into a place you and I do not want to go from that point

George Bush never worried about finding a job, affording the things his children
wanted or needed, wondering about how to survive as a "senior" in America. Now
that's a problem Bush has really been working on ... I will not begin to comment on
the absurdity of the new Medicare Bill to be crammed down seniors throats in
a couple of years. Good thing Bush won't be in office when the Medicare Bill is
implemented ... (Surely NOT) ... The Medicare Discount Card Program promises to
have seniors marching in front of the White House with torches and pitchforks.

Oh, sorry, that's right, ordinary Americans don't have close access to the
White House anymore.
Too dangerous.

Due to arrogance and the "cowboy way," America is hated, under threat, and
made a fool of (the propensity of the administration and the neocons to place
trust in Chalabi, who has been quoted making fun of the Americans and how
gullible they are) all in a couple of Bush years in the oval office. And we now
have over 600 dead American boys, men and women to show for it.

Last December I posted a bit about Bush pulling a sneaky on us ... check it
out if you wonder exactly what he singed behind our back.

As usual, Gran must heed the siren call of the pork chop and fried potato.
Nice evenin to all.

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