Granny Rant
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
::: Granny Holding Forth: Kerry Not Supporting Weapons Programs :::


On one of the news channels last night, I heard Co-President,
Dick Cheney expounding on the inadequacies of Candidate
John Kerry re "non support for weapons systems."

Excuse Me! Is this not the administration, including the so called War
President, Bush
, that failed to provide enough troops in the first
place, failed to provide the troops that were sent with body armor,
and failed to provide armored the vehicles they would need? And
then required them to be fed by KBR (subsidiary of Cheney's old
company Halliburton), a company that was cited several times by the
Pentagon as providing an area for feeding the troops that was filthy,
and was said to have blood and rotting meat in the food preparation

Plus ... considering reports from Gulf I on the performance of Patriot Missiles
that turned out to be false, and the high praise for the performance of said
missiles during Iraqi Freedom ... which also turned out to be FALSE. I cannot
find it logical to fault John Kerry for non-support of that weapons system.

Can You?

These rest on your head:

Imperfection, deficiency, demerit, shortcoming, sin, failing, foible,
vice, blame, culpability, guilt, onus and the odious practice of trying
to shift responsibility onto the back of a man who served this country
rather than dodging his duty.

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