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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
::: Are We Sure About Lakhdar Brahimi? :::

As President Bush said during his April 13 press conference, the United States counts on the UN special envoy to "determine the nature of the entity to which" it will "return Iraqi sovereignty" on June 30. The Americans don't bear a grudge. In January, Lakhdar Brahimi tore apart their initial idea of organizing indirect elections to designate a provisional government. This time, he dismissed one of their replacement schemes: enlargement of the present Interim Government Council. In its place, Mr. Brahimi advocates a government of "technocrats" that would handle current matters only between June 30 and elections in January 2005.

The 70-year-old Mr. Brahimi has just spent ten days in Iraq. After a stop in Rome, he came to Paris where his family lives and where the Political Science College expects him for a seminar on peace-keeping. Friday, he presided over the engagement of his daughter, Rym, a CNN journalist, with Prince Ali of Jordan, King Abdullah's half brother. Saturday, he met with Jacques Chirac.

The Afghanistan File
At the Elysee, he was asked about a declaration he had made a few days earlier on France Inter, which had created a little scandal in New York and in Washington's hyper-conservative chorus. Did he really believe that "the big poison in the region" was "the Israeli policy of domination and suffering inflicted on Palestinians"? The answer was yes. "It's not an opinion," Brahimi insisted. "It's a fact."

Makes you wanna go hmmmm ... Gran

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