Granny Rant
Sunday, April 25, 2004
::: Americans Are Truly Stupid If They Allow This To Happen :::

A Diamond Encrusted Bracelet

Not even sweet 16 yet and we are willing to give up Hubble?

To celebrate Hubble's 14th birthday this Saturday, mission managers have given fans and supporters a diamond ring of sorts, a star-studded galaxy in an odd configuration. And as with many Hubble pictures, this one provides plenty of cause for wonder.

The unusual galaxy is made of bright blue star clusters circling a yellowish center. It was long ago victim of a violent collision, which created a sight we earthlings can only try to envision: Anyone living on a planet in the ring would see a brilliant band of blue stars arcing across their night sky, Hubble astronomers said today.

Granny Votes an emphatic NO to giving up this eye on the Universe!

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