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Saturday, March 13, 2004
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Holy Cats and Yee Ha!

Recent news reported by William M. Arkin in the L. A. Times is the worst (or best)
case I have heard for charging the U. S. with violations of human rights.

The Pentagon's Secret Scream

According to the report, Marines going to Iraq during a massive troop rotation
are bringing a weapon capable of inflicting "instant migraines," as well as pain
so intense "it will knock some people to their knees."

This new "megaphone," the size of a satellite dish, is a sonic device that can
emit a piercing tone so excruciating to humans, it can disperse crowds, clear
buildings and repel intruders.

American Technology says its new product "is designed to determine intent, change behavior and support various rules of engagement." The company is careful in its public relations not to refer to the megaphone as a weapon, or to dwell on the debilitating pain American forces will be able to deliver with it. The military has been equally reticent on the subject.

It is the "determine intent" portion as well as the pain inflicted that worries me.
Just exactly what does "determine intent" mean? ... use in interrogation or what?

But the more exotic weapons ... including acoustic, laser, and high-powered microwave devices ... have not until now been fielded, held up by legal and ethical questions. Despite intense lobbying, over the years the Pentagon leadership has been skeptical of such "wonder weapons." In 1995, then-Secretary of Defense William Perry decided to ban Pentagon development of nonlethal laser weapons intended to permanently blind. His decision led to a subsequent international ban.

So shouldn't we have a similar discussion about high-intensity sound, which can cause permanent hearing loss or even cellular damage? The new megaphone being deployed to Iraq can operate at 145 decibels at 300 yards, according to American Technology, well above the normal threshold for pain. The company posits a scenario in which Al Qaeda terrorists would run screaming from caves after being subjected to a blast of high-decibel sound from the devices, their hands covering their ears. But in Baghdad or other Iraqi towns, where there are crowds and buildings, the sick and elderly, as well as children, are likely to be in the weapon's range.

I sure hope ALL those weapons are deployed to a landfill, but if not possible,
please ... don't bring 'em 'round here.

Granny. who is a scaredy cat.

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