Granny Rant
Sunday, March 07, 2004
::: Weapons Of Mass Distraction and The Hornet's Nest :::

From Molly Ivins ...We're talking Haiti

The Bush administration wanted this to happen -- it held up $500 million worth of humanitarian aid from the United States, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and International Monetary Fund. Without U.S. or multilateral help, the country spiraled downward.

And David Corn, Nation Mag, provide us with the Hornet's Nest metaphor.

Two kids are playing, and one says, "I'm gonna take this stick and whack that hornets' nest."

Second kid says, "Don't hit the hornets' nest."

"I will."

"Don't hit the hornets' nest."

"Will so."

"Don't hit the hornets' nest."

Kid hits the hornets' nest, all the hornets fly out and starting stinging, kid turns and says: "Now you have to help me deal with all these hornets. It would be irresponsible and disloyal if you didn't."

Sound familiar?


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