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Saturday, March 13, 2004
::: Rummy And The Plane Pieces/Part :::

Rumsfeld Has Piece of 9/11 Plane in Office

Amazing!! These guys will stop at absolutely nothing to bolster their claims.

WASHINGTON (March 12) - The Justice Department investigation that criticized FBI agents for taking souvenirs from the World Trade Center site also found that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and a high-ranking FBI official kept items from the Sept. 11 attack scenes.

The final investigatory report said the Justice Department inspector general confirmed Rumsfeld "has a piece of the airplane that flew into the Pentagon."

But .... it is really and truly a plane part from *** THE *** plane?????
Which, by the way (TinFoil Hats On) I could not reasonably find in the Pentagon
Hunt the Boeing! And test your perceptions!
site. Check it out for yourself.

Be sure to click to enlarge the pics ... either on the picture or some have numbers that
will enlarge the pictures ... very interesting site for The TinFoil Hat Girl of the RTB.

The following information is quite reassuring ...

Pentagon spokesman Lawrence Di Rita said Friday night that Rumsfeld has a shard of metal from the jetliner that struck the Pentagon on a table in his office and shows it to people as a reminder of the tragedy Pentagon workers shared on Sept. 11, 2001.

"He doesn't consider it his own," Di Rita said, adding the piece is on display for the Pentagon. "We are mindful of the fact that if somebody has an evidentiary requirement to have this shard of metal, we will provide it to them."

Oh, I see, the FBI Director thought the following was appropriate ...

The Justice Department investigation also collected testimony that Pasquale D'Amuro, FBI Director Robert Mueller's executive assistant director for terrorism until last summer, asked a supervisory agent to "obtain a half dozen items from the WTC debris so the items could be given to dignitaries."

Six items - none needed as evidence - were gathered and sent to D'Amuro, the report said.

Hmmm ... this could prove to be a really sticky wicket!

Now someone will call for an independent investigation into the criminality
of possessing the plane part, oh, and whether it really is a plane part, where
this alleged plane part came from? Is it indeed, from THE plane?

Is Rumsfeld psychologically impaired due to possession of this plane part?
Are we psychologically impaired for wasting time thinking about it?
Is he obsessing over 9-11 and does he have PTSD? Is his ability to carry out
his duties affected by the disorder (assuming he has it)?

And the burning question of our time: Are we surprised by this disclosure and
do we really care in light of the disastrous policies of the current administration?

Inquiring minds, heh?

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