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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
::: Bush's Latest Pee Pee Dance :::

Well folks, it was the same ole Dubya, spouting the same ole BS.


I kept imagining him with a red clown nose and that kept my
attention for at least 5 more minutes ... through all the .....

"these guys are bad and we are good and we are going to save
the Iraqis just as soon as we shut down those gangsters and thugs
stirring up trouble on the streets and crispy crittering out brave guys
and blowing up convoys of supplies and kidnapping every westerner
in sight ... but hey, they are bad and we are good and right ... cause
the Bible told me so."

I mean ... geeze folks, this guy is the President of the United
States of America.
It could almost be funny if it weren't so

Soooo ... I just went to feed the cat.

Next subject!!!

::: Up To Our Neck In Alligators :::

Since I have been watching the 9-11 Commission for the pleasure
of watching public officials squirm, I have achieved some
measure of satisfaction this week.

Here is a really interesting Timeline Thingie I snitched from a friend's
site last September. It is a bit unusual as you will see if you take the

This CakeGate Scam FlowChart is Fun:
NeoCon flowchart

CakeGate and the Neocons: A Timeline

May the VTGP Party On!!

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