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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Hmmmm ... Quite A Few Heated Discussions Pop Up :::

Granny really wants to dive into those with both feet. Such As:

*** Note: Granny must apologize ... after looking over this mish-mash of a post, I had
to correct a multitude of errors .... this does not surprise me since I was foolish enough
to post (dog-tired) without reading it. Sorry guys, will try to do better.

But ... can only do a few short notes ... crowd roars a cheer ... I went crazy
today, leaving an email in progress flashing for hours while I became obsessed
with Pre-Spring Cleaning. On top of that, I kept hearing odd noises from the
basement (we're talking sawing, hammering and the like), ran into the hubby in
the kitchen and he was doing the same thing in the basement. What the dog
tails is up? Reckon it is Bird Flu or Mad Cow?

Scott McClellan Press briefing yesterday

Could it be America's Free Press has just lifted its head? It is about time what with the
insanity Bush has heaped on us the past 3 years. He usually manages to piss me off
at least once a day ... sometimes twice. And I cannot bear to hear him speak anymore.
Both he and Scot McClellan sound like automatons.

Scott-Bot repeated this at least one hundred thousand times (more or less).

MR. McCLELLAN: No, I think if you look at the documents, what they show are the days on which he was paid, the payroll records. And we previously said that the President recalls serving both in Alabama and in Texas.

The reporters tore into him with great zeal and I was really proud of them instead of
wondering why they said, "oh ok" to every uttered word. Credit due, they have been
a bit more feisty lately. Bless their little hearts ... felt great, didn't it guys?

McClellan gets the "Throw Him A Fish Award," though. Somebody in the
big White House must have said, "Say only this in response." And by golly he did it!

*** what follows is total paraphrasing -- actual transcript not at hand. ***

On the other hand, there was Colin Powell ... same subject, different reaction. He
became irate while testifying today at a hearing at just the mention of Dubya perhaps
being AWOL. He said he did not want to talk about it, (furrowed brow) said he would
not discuss it, (face became very colorful) said the questioner should be ashamed of
himself, (brows knit closer) and said if they (Deamoncrats, I assume) wanted
to get into a political fight they could do so in the proper forum.

I couldn't find the link, so I skipped over to SouthKnoxBubba
to see if he had an link, then got sidetracked and ended up posting this in response to his Tennessee Elections post

Gosh, its the same ole bitchin and moanin ... just like always.
Ok, the candidates. Kerry is top Dog at present (just like Dean was), Kerry had a big shake up in the management of his campaign (just like Dean has now).

Now, not only will the other candidates hammer the frontrunner, Kerry, since he is looking pretty good at present (who bothers me for some reason I cannot seem to grasp ... jealous of his $$$ ... Nah.), but the Repubs will go after him with the sharp knives.

So ... Granny predicts ... Kerry will implode under the pressure, flip out and give a rebel yell (just like Dean) Edwards will be our man to go after Dubya.

There ya go ...Edwards is new POTUS.

Too far out?? Could happen.

Somebody will beat Bush if it is only me and a baseball bat.

No single person could try that hard to be such a moron, sound so much like an automaton (Dubya-Bot ... come to think of it, Kerry seems a bit robotic at times and besides, he is too tall). I think Bush-Baby wants to go home to Crawford and clear brush ... good plan, George, but take Cheney with you.

Anyway ... does it seem to anyone else Bush is doing every single thing possible to loose? The State of the Union was an absurd Dubya-Bot / Dubya, grinning fool on drugs disaster ... really Georgie --- (mock Kennedy) The Moon and a Manned Expedition to Mars? Bush does not have delusions of grandeur. He has hyperdimensional delusions.

Meet The Press was basically a shorter rewind of the SOS, then today the fool comes out ... now this is a time in America when everybody save the over $200,000 crowd is watching the abyss slip closer and closer ... (could it be due to idiotic policies and gifts to the Drug, Oil and Gas companies, toxic polluters, and Insurance Companies ... today he defended his head economic advisor who said "exporting American Jobs is no problem, it is a good thing, good for trade."

(That is probably off the deep end of literary license and a mixture of Bush, Greenspan, and his advisors remarks on the subject today)

Even the conservatives are turning on him.

Oh, and remember they kept asking Scott-Bot where Bush's "Band Of Brothers" was and do they travel with him. McClellan, face begging to shine red, was so pumped up for his mission, he continued to hold up the unreadable paper and say these are the payroll records, you get paid for when you are there and he fulfilled his duties and got an honorable discharge.

Here's the kicker ... one of George's Band showed up today, A Fellow Guardsman.

Here is a teaser:

During the Vietnam War, I was what filmmaker Michael Moore would call a "deserter." Along with President Bush and countless other young men, I joined the National Guard, did my six months of active duty (basic training, etc.) and then returned to my home unit, where I eventually dropped from sight. In the end, just like President Bush, I got an honorable discharge. But unlike President Bush, I have just told the truth about my service. He hasn't.

Wow, I just dropped in to see if Bubba had a link to the Red-In-The-Face Colin Powell outburst, but I fell down this no-memory hole.

Better get back over to Granny ... and just publish most of this .. ha great idea.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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