Granny Rant
Saturday, February 21, 2004
*** Granny's War Memories ***

While Saddam was penning romance novels, Dubya was peeing down his leg
and talking on the phone to Daddy Bush, "Why not, the evildooer tried to kill
you, after all, and besides I know he has WMD. I swear I will find it
if I have to dig up every rose bush in all of Iraq.

Then there was Shock and Awe ... which proved to be not quite as shocking as
the Prince of Darkness, Rummy, had hoped ... and right away the Pentagon
began to wonder how Saddam managed to engineer a Mars-Red dust storm ...
the embeds were working out well when they were not driving off into rivers,
or failing to quit when they were ahead.

Many sections of Iraq were eerily quiet ... with only abandoned tanks and
chem suits left in the rush from war. Americans rushed home each
night to watch the war on TV. Arabic stations bombed the airwaves
with pictures of American dead and prisoners of war and Americans got
a video game report and Baghdad Bob.

Between scattered reports of firefights and a few pictures of Iraqi dead, we
were treated on CNN to Aaron Brown and the wise commentary of Wesley
Clark, consummate General. And ... more Baghdad Bob assuring the world
the Americans were being slaughtered and were no where near Baghdad.

Soon there was the forging of rivers, the taking of Saddam International
Airport, and by golly, some smiling Iraqis in the streets. Troops settled into
the past master's castles and America gave a sigh of relief.

Right away there was more excitement ... Iraqis tried to pull down a statue
of their ousted leader ... American troops in a tank watched as the Iraqis
tried and tried again in vain to topple the dictator. They were ill-equipped,
brandishing only a few shoes and a couple of ropes ... so ... it was the
yanks to the rescue, making short work (and a faux flag maneuver) of the
tyrant's image.

Yes, there is more and it goes downhill from there. (You know what goes
down hill?) Far too many American souls have arisen from shredded bodies
in a foreign land and David Kay has finally put an end to the WMD question
... NOT!

Oh, and let us not leave out a single heroic act ... there was the staged
rescue of Jessica Lynch, who is indeed a hero as all the brave hearts are
who were shipped to Iraq for no good reason ... or at least no reason
they will admit.

America the Occupier is truly an Ugly American and hated as such. But we
were and are there and it was not and is not possible to walk out ... not
after we had just walked out on Afghanistan for the second time.

The Death Toll shot past 500 recently and yesterday I heard this
was the all time bloodiest month to date. But President Bush thinks we
should receive a pat on the back ... for the liberation and for pulling
Saddam out of his spider hole.

Hmmm ... as SouthKnoxBubba would say ...

OK then ...

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