Granny Rant
Friday, February 06, 2004
::: Granny In Headache Hell :::

Just thought I would stop by in between Cat Scans to let everyone
know I have not passed over into computer heaven just
yet ... although ... it sounds pretty great.

Dr. thinks it could be migraines .... super yuck

Will get results on broken head .... maybe Tuesday. Have lots
to blog, but sometimes head is either pounding or goofy (actually
Granny's normal state).

I will do as best I can. At this moment I have NO HEADACHE.

YIPPPPEEEE. But you never know when one may sneak into my
convoluted brain.

I would really appreciate opinions or horror stories or best
medicines from experience.

Thanks ... and never fear ... Granny is here, reading when I can
stand it and watching CSpan.

Right this minute, they are fighting like mad over out incredibly
idiotic color coded terror alert system.



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