Granny Rant
Saturday, February 21, 2004
::::::::: Certain To Brighten Your Day ::::::::
::: Ashcroft May Be Doing The Perp Walk :::

Prosecutor Sues Ashcroft

ShaaZamm! Makes Granny happier than three hogs wallowing in the mud.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Convertino of Detroit accused the Justice Department of ''gross mismanagement'' of the war on terrorism in a whistleblower lawsuit filed late Friday in federal court in Washington.

Justice officials said Tuesday they had not seen the suit and had no comment.

The suit is the latest twist in the Bush administration's first major post-Sept. 11 terrorism prosecution, which is now in danger of unraveling over allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.

In a move famaliar to most of us by now (Think Plame) ...

Convertino also accused Justice officials of intentionally divulging the name of one of his confidential terrorism informants (CI) to retaliate against him.

The leak put the informant at grave risk, forced him to flee the United States and "interfered with the ability of the United States to obtain information from the CI about current and future terrorist activities," the suit alleges.

This is just too rich (even if it is embarrassing as an American .... though no
one deserves it more than Mr. Wooden Broom-Up-His-Pious-Butt) ... you
guys will just have to click and read for yourselves.


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