Granny Rant
Wednesday, February 25, 2004
::: Bush Has Balls :::

So sorry to be crass, but it is so difficult to respond to the hideous
policies of Geroge Bush in a ratiional manner.

Another Recess Appointment

It is beyond me why some Americans think the secrecy and stealth of
the Bush Administration are an appropriate way to operate an open,
democratic government. Unless it is the end justifies the means.

The nomination of Alabama Attorney General William H. Pryor Jr. to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit was, from the beginning, a provocation on the part of the Bush administration. Yesterday Mr. Bush made that provocation all the more provocative by installing Mr. Pryor -- who has been held up by a Democratic filibuster -- by recess appointment. Mr. Pryor is the second judge the president has placed on the bench using this procedure, which allows the president to bypass Senate confirmation for appointments made on a temporary basis. The result is that Mr. Pryor will be a judge for now, but he will leave office unless both Mr. Bush and a filibuster-proof Republican Senate majority win election this year. In other words, his prospects of longer-term service on the bench will be bound up with the electoral fate of the Republican Party -- exactly the sort of political dependency from which judges are supposed to be insulated.
But the opposition to Mr. Pryor's nomination was well justified by his repeated descriptions of courts and judging in overtly political terms. His willingness to accept a recess appointment only underscores his unfitness.

It is one thing to appoint uncontroversial judges by recess appointment,
but quite another to do so because of fear a judge will not be confirmed
on his or her merits.


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