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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
::: Spineless Journalists :::

Just wondering how all the mainstream media talking heads can sit
there every night and ignore the obvious. I just happened upon an
article in KnoxNews by David Hunter from last summer entitled:
Are U.S. journalists truly spineless?"

Justin Webb, a Washington correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation, recently posed this question to his audience: "Are American journalists simply spineless? Do they toe the line because they love the President? Or because their employers do?"

Webb raised the question after hearing Vice President Dick Cheney deliver the following statement in reference to the war in Iraq: "You did well - you have my thanks." This praise was not directed to our troops or members of the president's Cabinet; it was lavished upon members of the American Radio and Television Correspondents Association at their annual dinner.

Most of us whose bylines appear in the American media should be embarrassed to look our readers, viewers and listeners in the eye. We are being held up for ridicule by real journalists, such as Webb, from nations that once looked upon us as the epitome of truth and integrity. The ridicule is richly deserved.

Members of the American news media should be asking the question that Webb has presented. Are American journalists spineless? Or have the people who once wielded the editorial sword with such class and power caved in to the bean counters who run the media conglomerates? Either way, we have failed, and it's only going to get worse unless individual journalists begin to stand up and reclaim our place as the guardians of liberty.

Journalists of the United States of America, unite; we have nothing to lose but our shame.

Here, here!! Although we rarely hear it, many Americans wonder what has
happened to America's Free Press? Surely Americans are not so
lame and nummed out to prefer the antics of Jacko, Peterson, Bryant and
the Martha Stewart sagas to learning the exact detail of how our country
and our freedoms are circling the drain.

Wake Up America!!

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