Granny Rant
Wednesday, January 07, 2004
::: Ok, No Time, But Geeze :::

Sorry guys, but Granny has been running the roads back and forth to UT Hosp. Dad having
heart cath, being poked, prodded, (tortured) stuffed in a room, fed yucky food, etc... you know,
the norm.

But I am just mad as hell about the illegal alien proposals on the table and Dubya is
planning some big announcement or plan (wonder if 2004 Election ... nah?) I do not
know what it involves yet, but I am sure I will hate it.

One question before I simply must hit the hay ... back to UT in morning ... up at 5am.
Granny = one miserable camper.

Anyway here it is ... I keep hearing that illegals should be given driver's licenses and
the VOTE because after all, many of them have been in America working and paying
and they deserve ... yadata yadata....

How can they be paying taxes if they are illegals? Are they referring to
sales taxes or what?

Night, night! Hope the bed bugs bite the Bush Toad.

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