Granny Rant
Tuesday, January 13, 2004
::: No News or Big Surprise To Blogging Community :::

I know I promised I would not torture you further with typos,
but just had to mention Paul O'neill.

My reaction is (all at the same time) joy that snippets of the
truth are coming out and frustration that the blogging com-
munity has reported this "secret plan to invade Iraq prior to
9-11" on many occasions and several months prior to this date.

If I am not mistaken, the attack on Iraq is mentioned on the
PNAC website -- something I will be checking out as soon as
I have slept. The NeoCons had that as part of their "take
over the world" - globalization fantasy.

I cannot believe I actually heard some of those same people
openly discussing the requirement for states (nation states)
to forget this silly notion of sovereignty and consider the
world borderless.

Sound like a great idea to you?

Sleep Now~~ Mad Brown Cow

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