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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
::: Bush's New Plan Re Illegal Aliens :::

Yes, that is right ... ILLEGAL ALIENS, not undocumented workers or guest workers --

There is nothing worse than a swaggering, arrogant cowboy pandering to one group of
people, while destroying another group (middle-class) in a conspicuous bid to secure more

Look up swaggering, arrogant cowboy in the dictionary and ...
voila ... a picture of Dubya is sure to be on that page.

[Such reference would be found in the Lying Criminal Politician

First off, I have no problem with immigration. We are all immigrants ... with the
exception of Native Americans ... we immigrated right over them. I do think
immigration has lent a strength to the fabric of America. But our immigration
policy stinks and might as well be non-existent for all the enforcement going on..

The announcement today was just another nail in the coffin of the middle class.
"Americans won't take those jobs." Of course not. Which American do you know
who can support their family on $4.00 per hour ... even with two or three of
those jobs?

If the policy is passed and we begin to document illegal aliens, what
wage will they be paid. Will America stoop to the level of third world countries
and quit paying a living wage? How about health care for illegals in the process
of becoming citizens? Who pays for that? Guess!

Bush spoke about requiring workers in the process of gaining citizenship
learning about this country, what it stands for and its history. So ... will
they be required to lean to speak English and will Americans learn to
speak Spanish (in their own country) as an option ... not a requirement?

Claims are that we cannot stop the hoards of illegals flowing into this
Really! So if that is true, how can we stop Al Qaeda from doing
the same. What exactly is Tom Ridge supposed to be doing besides
telling us to get our "ducks taped?

Suppose we did this ... can we then close the border and not
allow another few million to come to America. Advocates keep speaking
about the hard working illegals who have been her so long and
working so hard and paying their taxes.

Huh? How can they be paying taxes if they are illegal?

If ... we could actually police the border and require foreigners wanting to
come to America and become citizens to acquire the proper papers and
follow the red, white and blue road to Americanization, and ensure that
employers paid minimum wage, it just might work.

Wait! Isn't that what they are supposed to be doing now?

Hmmm... probably won't work. It is obvious we are incapable of tracking
illegals or "on the road to legals" now. Why would we suddenly grow
a brain and have that astonishing capability?


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