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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
::: Bush Makes Bold Move To Continue Rape Of The Environment :::
::: Proposing A Revision Of Policy Limiting Mountaintop Mining :::

(As reported by AP - unable to find link to post from truthout ???)

"Last Wednesday, the Bush Administration proposed revising a policy
that limits mining activity near streams, changes environmentalists say
will encourage a particularly destructive way of obtaining coal.

The method, dubbed "mountaintop mining" involves shearing off the
tons of ridges to expose a coal seam. Dir and rock are pushed into
nearby stream beds, a practice know as valley fill.

The Interior Department's proposal would eliminate an existing policy
that says land within 100 feet of a stream cannot be disturbed by
mining activity unless a company can prove the work won't affect the
stream's water quality and quantity.

The department claims the rule is impossible to comply with, and suggests
the mining industry should "do the best they can to prevent damage to
streams" using the technology available.

"Instead of changing industry practice to conform to the law, the Bush
Administration is changing the law to conform to industry practices,"
said Jim Hecker, a Washington-based environmental lawyer.

And so it goes with the Bush Bunch. They may as well apply flame throwers
to America's landscape for all the care they are willing to take, let
alone any inconvenience or extra cost to a corporate buddy.

A really tired Gran, who is unable to type at this point.

Perhaps more tomorrow evening or Wed on day off
Have ton of scandalous stuff to post, but just unable
to keep eyes from crossing.

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