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Friday, January 30, 2004
::: Cheney = NeoCon, Hawk OR :::
:::::: Just Plain Hardheaded? ::::::

Well ... it's just that Cheney continues, in the face of overwhelming evidence, to
assert claims supporting Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction. His pigheadedness is
so unshakable, some are wondering if Cheney could be a robotic clone. Think so?

Cheney Ignores Kay

Cheney seem especially enamored of the flatbed trailers suspected of being mobile
bioweapons labs.

Mr. Cheney has long been the administration's most alarmist proponent of the view that Saddam Hussein had chemical and biological weapons ready for use at any time and an active nuclear program. He gave little ground in an interview on National Public Radio on Thursday. He described two flatbed trailers found in Iraq months ago as mobile biological weapons labs and claimed they were "conclusive evidence" of Iraqi programs to make weapons of mass destruction. The very next day, David Kay, who had just stepped down as the top weapons inspector, told Reuters that he now thought the much-feared stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons had not existed on the eve of the war. They were eliminated in the mid-1990's by United Nations inspectors and by Iraq's own decisions, he said, and no significant efforts to make new ones followed.

As for those trailers cited by Mr. Cheney, the consensus view, Mr. Kay told The Times, is that they were intended to produce hydrogen or perhaps rocket fuel, not biological weapons. Mr. Kay had earlier called the trailer assertions an embarrassing fiasco. So, too, with Iraq's nuclear weapons program. Mr. Cheney once famously declared that it had been reconstituted, but Mr. Kay called it rudimentary -- hardly capable of producing a bomb in a year or two, as the administration had implied.

Dowd says: Dump Cheney Now

[...] Dr. Kay spoke these words on W.M.D. -- "It turns out we were all wrong. [...]

Thanks to David Kay, we now have an amazing image of the president and the dictator, both divorced from reality over weapons, glaring at each other from opposite sides of bizarro, paranoid universes where fiction trumped fact.

It would be like a wacky Peter Sellers satire if so many Iraqis and Americans hadn't died in Iraq.

These two would-be world-class tough guys were willing to go to extraordinary lengths to show that they couldn't be pushed around. Their trusted underlings misled them with fanciful information on advanced Iraqi weapons programs that they credulously believed because it fit what they wanted to hear.

Saddam was swept away writing his romance novels, while President Bush was swept away with the romance of rewriting the end of the 1991 Persian Gulf war to finish off the thug who tried to kill his dad.

The two men both had copies of "Crime and Punishment" -- Condi Rice gave Mr. Bush the novel on his trip to Russia in 2002, and Saddam had Dostoyevsky down in the spider hole -- but neither absorbed its lesson: that you can't put yourself above rules just because you think you're superior.

And then .... we discover Cheney was not content embarrassing America on ONE continent ... oh no. Mr. Vice President felt compelled to travel to Europe and expound on
his WMD convictions there as well. His comments were heard with rapt attention in Rome,
Davos and then, I hear, a quick visit with the Pope.

Sending Dick Cheney to Europe on a charm offensive entails certain risks. The American Vice President is glacial, secretive, miserly with his words, a fervent nationalist and known to be one of the most uncompromising of the Bush administration "hawks" on Iraq. Capable of humor, he uses it only with parsimony and cocks his famous carnivore smile for big occasions only.
Beyond a few conventional formulas about the "shared interest in going forward" declared in the course of his trip, Mr. Cheney did not care to go more deeply into the subject and, without any explanation, chose to cut the interview short, having dedicated the greater part of it to a polemic on weapons of mass destruction (wmd) in Iraq.
The Vice President's shadowy image, along with criticisms of his past association with the Halliburton corporation and former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's revelations of his preponderant influence in the conduct of the country's affairs, do not have the best effect in the polls. By having eight American journalists come along for this trip to Europe, Mr. Cheney wanted to clean up his image, an effort rewarded by positive coverage in the American press.

Mr. Cheney remains very firm in his defense of American intervention in Iraq. "There's no doubt in my mind that the President's decision was absolutely the right one. Given the circumstances we faced, Saddam Hussein's history, the information and intelligence that were available to the President, it was a solid decision. Nothing that has happened since has changed my opinion in any way." However, the formulation is more prudent. To the question "Did Saddam Hussein constitute a direct threat?", he answers: "Saddam Hussein constituted a serious threat." Now the accent is more on Iraq's role as a "sanctuary for terrorists" and the links between Al-Qaeda and those terrorists to justify the war.

So, there we have it ... Cheney 'round the bend. Even though it is
not readily evident on the surface, it looks like the interior castle
walls are beginning to crack.

That is a refreshing change and will make Granny sleep better tonight.

P.S. In a later episode of the new reality show ...
"See Dick Run The White House," Dick and his
pal George try to drop their dogs simultaneously
on the the airport tarmac. (Includes a lively spat over
theories of gravity, and George says, "I don't see
anything grave about it.") Stay tuned.
Wednesday, January 28, 2004
::: Let Them Eat Clones :::

Ho hum ...
Well -- now we learn we may soon be fed with cloned animals ... terrific idea, Yea? Or Nah?

Who knows anymore?

We have recently been treated to the knowledge that our current food supply
(up until a week or so ago) included "downer" cattle. Those are the cattle
either too sick or too injured to hobble to the slaughterhouse axe.
Since the histrionics over the Lone Mad Cow in America, I have read many a TMI
(too much info) article concerning the "pieces / parts" included in our food,
or some that have now been banned and will only be used for feed for "other
animals" ... uh, reckon that means our beloved pets?

Can you imagine the lengthy Q & A sessions I have had to endure with my Four
Rotten Cats and A Fat Dog. My felines surf the net constantly for the latest
on politics and all the other "if it bleeds it leads" stuff and occasionally they are
allowed to do a blog entry.

The cats are especially interested in the "celeb trials," but I refuse to allow them
to post on those subjects. I insist on hi-tone pieces. Huge fights have ensued ...
and I am positive you have noticed the paw prints on some of these pages ...
they insist on signing their work. Is Pet Posting ok in the RTB?

Don't worry, I never allow the Dog to post ... Gaby is pretty much computer
illiterate. Plus there have been too many instances of kitty porn left hanging
on the screen in an attempt to put the cats in a bad light and in hopes I will fall for
the scam and throw the cats out in the cold.

Not gonna happen ... everyone knows Dogs Drool and Cats Rule!

Anyway, back to eating clones and sick cattle. Proceed at your own risk ... pretty awful.

The Realities of Meat Inspection ... Yuck!

What the cattlemen detest most is the meat inspection system. The story of how Upton Sinclair muckraked the slaughterhouses some one hundred years ago and Teddy Roosevelt jumped in and fixed them all up is pretty much fiction. The simple fact is the meat inspection system isn't any good and anybody who even attempts to stand up to the Big Boy ranchers does so at his or her peril. Look what happened to Bill Lehman, who throughout the early 1990s worked as a meat inspector at Sweetgrass, Montana, a busy port of entry for Canadian beef. By his own count, Lehman himself rejected "up to 2.3 million pounds of contaminated or mislabeled imports annually." The reasons, according to Lehman, included "pus-filled abscesses, sticky layers of bacteria leaving a stench, obvious fecal contamination, stains, metal shavings, blood, bruises, hair, hide, chemical residues, salmonella, added substances, and advanced disease symptoms."

After some children died from an E. coli outbreak in the 90s, Lehman told about his work: "I merely walk to the back of the truck. That's all I'm allowed to do. Whether there's boxed meat or carcasses in the truck, I can't touch the boxes. I can't open the boxes. I can't use a flashlight. I can't walk into the truck. I can only look at what is visible in the back of the trailer." He told one interviewer how he did his inspections: "I've just inspected over 80,000 pounds of meat (boxed beef rounds and boxed boneless beef briskets) on two trucks. I wasn't running or hurrying either. One was bound for Santa Fe Springs, California, the other for San Jose, California. I just stamped on their paperwork 'U.S.D.A. Inspected and Passed' in 45 seconds."

More horrible realities ...
But Lehman was far from the only critic. "Adequate inspection on the border has been lacking for years, said Mike Callicrate, an outspoken Kansas rancher, especially on the topic of the U.S.D.A.'s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

What many people don't understand is how minimal meat inspection is. Here's a typical instance, described by an Iowa farmer: He buys cows or heifers at auction, where they have been certified as having met health requirements -- not because of first-hand inspection but because of the seller's history as a "good guy." The farmer proceeds to feed the cattle corn, sometimes with a vegetable-based additive, and in two years sells them to a feed lot or maybe a local butcher. There is no check on the health of the animals. Approval for sale is again based on the history of the farm. What about sick cows? Say a cow falls down -- he's called a "downer." According to this farmer, a vendor often is called; he'll send a truck to pick up the animal, kill it (if it is still alive), and sell the parts into the meat system. If the farmer spots a sick cow in his herd, he gets rid of it quick as he can. He doesn't go through the rigmarole of testing it through a veterinarian, which takes time and costs money. He just gets rid of the animal and keeps mum about what happened.

Slaughterhouse work is low paid and extremely dangerous
The beef industry is more centralized. The actual economics of beef production are determined not by any free market, but by a highly concentrated industry. Four meatpackers -- IBP, ConAgra, Excel (a subsidiary of Cargill), and National Beef -- control 85 percent of the market. Work in the slaughterhouses can be extremely dangerous, and it's hardly worth it.

Seems Bill Clinton did the cattle ranchers a solid.
This screwed-up system does produce the desired results once in a while: Bad meat is found and then recalled. Or is it?

A study by the Center for Public Integrity, a D.C. watchdog group, found that only 43 percent of all meat products recalled by their manufacturers from 1990-1997 was recovered. The rest of the meat -- some 17 million pounds -- was eaten by unsuspecting consumers. Yet Congress fought off efforts by the Secretary of Agriculture during that time to get the authority to issue mandatory recalls of contaminated meat.

The investigation found that during the 1990s the highly exclusive meat business spent $41 million financing political campaigns of Congress members, more than one third of them from House or Senate agriculture committees. Among them: the majority and minority leaders of the Senate (Trent Lott and Tom Daschle), the speaker of the House and the House minority leader (Newt Gingrich and Dick Gephardt), and six past or present chairmen or ranking minority members of the Senate and House agriculture committees.

The cattle industry during that period employed 124 lobbyists to work the Hill, 28 of them previously either lawmakers or aides to lawmakers. And it worked. "During the escalating public health crisis of the past decade," the Center reported, "the food industry has managed to kill every bill that has promised meaningful reform." In lieu of any serious rulemaking, the Clinton administration struck a weak-ass deal with the industry to allow cattlemen to do their own inspections and label their records "trade secrets" so the public can't look at them.

There is more ... but that is just about all I can handle. Click on in there and see if
you can make it through the entire piece ... the run out for a burger.

May have to relent and allow the dog to post kitty porn after all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004
::: Spineless Journalists :::

Just wondering how all the mainstream media talking heads can sit
there every night and ignore the obvious. I just happened upon an
article in KnoxNews by David Hunter from last summer entitled:
Are U.S. journalists truly spineless?"

Justin Webb, a Washington correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation, recently posed this question to his audience: "Are American journalists simply spineless? Do they toe the line because they love the President? Or because their employers do?"

Webb raised the question after hearing Vice President Dick Cheney deliver the following statement in reference to the war in Iraq: "You did well - you have my thanks." This praise was not directed to our troops or members of the president's Cabinet; it was lavished upon members of the American Radio and Television Correspondents Association at their annual dinner.

Most of us whose bylines appear in the American media should be embarrassed to look our readers, viewers and listeners in the eye. We are being held up for ridicule by real journalists, such as Webb, from nations that once looked upon us as the epitome of truth and integrity. The ridicule is richly deserved.

Members of the American news media should be asking the question that Webb has presented. Are American journalists spineless? Or have the people who once wielded the editorial sword with such class and power caved in to the bean counters who run the media conglomerates? Either way, we have failed, and it's only going to get worse unless individual journalists begin to stand up and reclaim our place as the guardians of liberty.

Journalists of the United States of America, unite; we have nothing to lose but our shame.

Here, here!! Although we rarely hear it, many Americans wonder what has
happened to America's Free Press? Surely Americans are not so
lame and nummed out to prefer the antics of Jacko, Peterson, Bryant and
the Martha Stewart sagas to learning the exact detail of how our country
and our freedoms are circling the drain.

Wake Up America!!
::: Pigs Are Back At the Omnibus Trough :::
::::::::::::::: Super Bowl Of Pork ::::::::::::::

Click here for: Heritage Foundation Report

Listing of Pork Projects

Republican Senator from Arizona, John McCain was on fire in the Senate today in
opposition to the massive spending bill before them today. Calling for the veto
of the President,
he cites a litany of "ridiculous" earmarks such as ... Olive fruitfly
research, indoor rain forest, rock and roll hall of fame on Blueberry Hill, Formosan
Subterranean Termite research, Potato storage, tree snakes, trout genome mapping
and Karnal bunt research. Senator McCain was furious at the $278 million of "pork"
stuffed into a mandatory passage bill.

Senator McCain cited copious omissions and additions to the bill in closed conference
as clear violations of the Senate Rules -- an obvious bow to special interests.

After a speech deemed by a Republican commentator on cable news as "one
of the best speeches" she ever heard, Americans learn today the contents of
the disastrous Omnibus Spending Bill for 2004. A bill that must be passed,
committee members have stuffed it like a proud Thanksgiving Turkey. And turkey, it

Senators McCain, Byrd, Reed, Dorgan and Durbin as well as many others, tried to
help Americans understand the breadth of the irresponsible spending and the
bipartisan measures, already passed by both houses, now mysteriously absent.

Guns: Requires records from the purchase of fire arms from dealers to be held only
24 hours instead of 90 days, thus making the appropriate checks impossible. Does
not require the yearly inventory of weapons to be done to ensure no weapons
have been stolen or sold illegally. (Note: one of the DC Sniper's weapons was
purchased in this manner.)

Media: Regardless of the public outcry for the FCC to resist the top media owners
in changing the percentage of ownership from 35% to 45%, and a forced vote to
kill the change to 45%, this issue shows up again in the Omnibus Bill giving a 39%
ownership to CBS and Viacom -- since that is what they have already carved out
for themselves in violation of the 35% rule. Whew -- got that? Senator Dorgan
was a member of that conference and saw and heard the gavel crack on the
35% agreement ... then surprise, it is changed to 39% in the Omnibus.

Education: "No Child Left Behind" Cut $6 billion affecting 24,000 children.
Just a thought: If education is cut, where will the engineers come from
for the President's Missions to the Moon and Mars?

Overtime: A bill aimed at 8 million Americans - people making over $22,000 -
was rejected in September. The President wants it passed for some of the
following: Air Traffic Controllers, Firefighters, Health Care Workers, Nurses,
Military Reservists, Paralegals, Police, Social Workers and a multitude of
other Americans. Not only are workers in these fields expected to bear the
burden of the tax cuts for the top 1%, now they can be expected to work
more hours for less pay.

Cuts: The President plans cuts for Homeland Security -- laying off screeners,
many less air marshals, cargo not screened. Cuts for Veterans Health Care,
cuts for NASA to fund the International Space Station which has already
been experiencing problems and may already "not be safe." Cuts may end
Radio Free Europe, Cuts means the grand AIDS in Africa program did not
get full funding for this time ... should be $3 billion, but only got $2 billion.
Democrats tried on three separate occasions to increase the funding to
the required $3 billion, but were blocked by Republicans each time.

WOW ... Granny is just beginning to find out what is included in the 1182
page Omnibus Spending Bill. And remember, this is a "sure pass bill" or
"must pass bill" as they call it because it is required to fund the government.

I am stunned.

Saturday, January 17, 2004
::: Who Are These Bloggers :::

By chance and the art of surfing, I tripped over PressThink and an article about Blogging.

What's Radical About the Weblog Form in Journalism?

Ten Things Radical about the Weblog Form in Journalism:

1.) The weblog comes out of the gift economy, whereas most (not all) of today's journalism comes out of the market economy.

Ok, so what exactly does that mean? Gotta go check it out.

"Gift Economy"

Our society is predominantly an exchange economy. This is a sophisticated adaptation to scarcity that, unlike the command model, scales quite well. Allocation of scarce goods is done in a decentralized way through trade and voluntary cooperation (and in fact, the dominating effect of competitive desire is to produce cooperative behavior). In an exchange economy, social status is primarily determined by having control of things (not necessarily material things) to use or trade.

Most people have implicit mental models for both of the above, and how they interact with each other. Government, the military, and organized crime (for example) are command hierarchies parasitic on the broader exchange economy we call `the free market'. There's a third model, however, that is radically different from either and not generally recognized except by anthropologists; the gift culture.

Gift cultures are adaptations not to scarcity but to abundance. They arise in populations that do not have significant material-scarcity problems with survival goods. We can observe gift cultures in action among aboriginal cultures living in ecozones with mild climates and abundant food. We can also observe them in certain strata of our own society, especially in show business and among the very wealthy.

Abundance makes command relationships difficult to sustain and exchange relationships an almost pointless game. In gift cultures, social status is determined not by what you control but by what you give away.

Ok ... got all that. But ... I am a bit confused by the interest in blogs and
the examination of methods, credentials, skills, sourcess, etc. Why would
real journalists care what bloggers are doing?

Blogger Granny can only offer these tidbits on why we blog:

1) A forum for debate as opposed to an attempt to discuss (with
friends) subjects more detailed than the newest store opening
at the mall, and avoidance of the resulting thousand-yard stare.

2) Blogging seems to flow naturally from the search for information
not provided by the print or mainstream media. There is something
to be said about subjects being discussed on blogs that never appear
in the professional media - or do not appear until 3-4 months later.
If this is a function of the "making sure" or defining sources as credible,
all I can say is most journalists of today appear more worried about
being wrong or being sued than reporting. God forbid there should
be an expose (oopps - sorry, but too amateur to know how to make
that little mark that should be there) or a politician or corporate
CEO should be embarrassed.

*** See .... this is what happens ... now I am off an an unprofessional
RANT. All form goes right out the window. Do you really think bloggers
care about audience in the millions? If so, perhaps they should try the
professional sector.

Truthfully, I turned to reading blogs because you simply cannot
get a complete news picture through America's media anymore. Why is

When network and cable media anchors or reporters or pundits finally
do decide to break underbelly stories, they do so with a wry grin, a
wink and an aw shucks ..." could that be true?"

3) Number three is to the level of professionalism of this blogger:
Length and depth of entry is often determined by a growling
stomach. On that score, you nailed it ... it is from a "gift economy"
in the respect there is probably at least a Ham Sandwich downstairs
and I am upstairs.
I can remedy that .... see ya

Gran, who blogs at leisure, no editors, no deadlines.
Too bad, cause I was gonna blast ya ... perhaps
Wednesday, January 14, 2004
::::::::: Houston, We Have A Problem :::::::::
::: Alert! Alert! Moron In the White House :::

Everyone knows I am a Space Cadet. right? But, Jumpin
Gee-Hoss-A-Fat, ( try to spell check that one or just check with
buddy don ) forget me for now. Riddle me this ~~ how many
Tinfoil Hats will it take, lined up row after row, to get something
besides the "thousand-yard stare" from the American public?

THEY are proceeding with their agenda right out in the
open, right before our eyes, as bold as naked.

Ok, so I am a crazy nutbag conspiracy theorist who believes this is
the next step for the PNAC (next step is backward toward 1984).

Some of their agenda is here:

"International Commons Of Space and U. S. Space Forces

The PNAC report says the United States must control the "international commons" of space and "pave the way for the creation of a new military service -- U.S. Space Forces -- with the mission of space control. In other words, the international commons of space won't be an international zone based upon treaties between nations. And Bush has made the militarization of space a national priority with the so-called Star Wars Missile Defense System. Space will belong to the United States. And any nation that threatens U.S. control of space beware.

The report calls for the United States to control cyberspace, too. A Dec. 20 New York Times story states: "The Bush administration is planning to propose requiring Internet service providers to help build a centralized system to enable broad monitoring of the Internet and, potentially, surveillance of its users." The proposal is part of a report entitled, "The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace."

In Out Of Their Own Mouths

Space control is also necessary in the eyes of the imperial war hawks. As long ago as 1976, the Joint Strategy Review by the National Defense Panel said, "Unrestricted use of space has become a major strategic interest of the United States." (as quoted in Rebuilding America's Defenses)

"But, over the longer term, maintaining control of space will inevitably require the application of force both in space and from space, including but not limited to anti-missile defenses and defensive systems capable of protecting US and allied satellites; space control cannot be sustained in any other fashion, with conventional land, sea or airforce, or by electronic warfare." (Emphasis added) (PNAC)

Nuclear weapons "Shutting the country down would entail both the physical destruction of appropriate infrastructure and the shutdown and control of the flow of all vital information and associated commerce so rapidly as to achieve a level of national shock akin to the effect that dropping nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had on the Japanese. Simultaneously, Iraq's armed forces would be paralysed with the neutralization or destruction of its capabilities. Deception, disinformation, and misinformation would be applied massively." (JINSA)

This does not rule out the use, development or testing of nuclear weapons. Rebuilding America's Defences (PNAC) is quite categoric on this question. The maintenance of a moratorium on nuclear tests is "an untenable situation" it says.

"...there may be a need to develop a new family of nuclear weapons designed to address new sets of military requirements, such as would be required in targeting the very deep underground, hardened bunkers that are being built by many of our potential adversaries

There is much more reported on the White House Site: (Boldly We Go)

Secure Cyberspace

View the Plans if you so desire:
Report: September 2000,Rebuilding America's Defenses

Tuesday, January 13, 2004
::: No News or Big Surprise To Blogging Community :::

I know I promised I would not torture you further with typos,
but just had to mention Paul O'neill.

My reaction is (all at the same time) joy that snippets of the
truth are coming out and frustration that the blogging com-
munity has reported this "secret plan to invade Iraq prior to
9-11" on many occasions and several months prior to this date.

If I am not mistaken, the attack on Iraq is mentioned on the
PNAC website -- something I will be checking out as soon as
I have slept. The NeoCons had that as part of their "take
over the world" - globalization fantasy.

I cannot believe I actually heard some of those same people
openly discussing the requirement for states (nation states)
to forget this silly notion of sovereignty and consider the
world borderless.

Sound like a great idea to you?

Sleep Now~~ Mad Brown Cow
::: Bush Makes Bold Move To Continue Rape Of The Environment :::
::: Proposing A Revision Of Policy Limiting Mountaintop Mining :::

(As reported by AP - unable to find link to post from truthout ???)

"Last Wednesday, the Bush Administration proposed revising a policy
that limits mining activity near streams, changes environmentalists say
will encourage a particularly destructive way of obtaining coal.

The method, dubbed "mountaintop mining" involves shearing off the
tons of ridges to expose a coal seam. Dir and rock are pushed into
nearby stream beds, a practice know as valley fill.

The Interior Department's proposal would eliminate an existing policy
that says land within 100 feet of a stream cannot be disturbed by
mining activity unless a company can prove the work won't affect the
stream's water quality and quantity.

The department claims the rule is impossible to comply with, and suggests
the mining industry should "do the best they can to prevent damage to
streams" using the technology available.

"Instead of changing industry practice to conform to the law, the Bush
Administration is changing the law to conform to industry practices,"
said Jim Hecker, a Washington-based environmental lawyer.

And so it goes with the Bush Bunch. They may as well apply flame throwers
to America's landscape for all the care they are willing to take, let
alone any inconvenience or extra cost to a corporate buddy.

A really tired Gran, who is unable to type at this point.

Perhaps more tomorrow evening or Wed on day off
Have ton of scandalous stuff to post, but just unable
to keep eyes from crossing.
Wednesday, January 07, 2004
::: Bush / Hitler = Hitler / Bush :::

Granny does it again ... what??? The lazy thing of course ... stealing entire post of Mark Ash.
But just in case you would like to check it out ... here is the link:

That Pesky Bush-Hitler Thing

Here it is:

Tuesday 06 January 2004

Here we go again. Another bone-head with a Bush-Hitler analogy. How many times have we told folks this? Bush is not Hitler, Bush is not Hitler, Bush is not Hitler. Holy cow, this is getting really frustrating. Why won't this thing die?

Just because his grandfather Prescott Bush financed Hitler's rise to power, do they think that means George W. Bush has Nazi tendencies? That's absurd. Is it fair to say that just because the U.S. government had to step in and shut down Prescott Bush's Union Banking Corporation operations in New York in 1942, under the Trading With the Enemy Act, that this Bush should viewed with caution and skepticism? That's just silly.

And who are these bloody Europeans who keep comparing Bush to Hitler? Take that German Justice Minister, Herta Däubler-Gmelin, who compared Bush's dealings on Iraq to those of Hitler. That really takes the cake, now doesn't it? What do the Germans know of Hitler anyway? Why should they feel empowered to warn the world of such impending dangers? Why couldn't they just shut-up and help us kill the Iraqis?

The worst has to be Newsweek's Poland bureau. The story they published titled "The Bush Family and Nazis" was completely out of left field. Who cares that the story states "The Bush family reaped the benefits of slave labor in the Auschwitz concentration camp"?

The important thing here is that George W. Bush is very patriotic. RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie is right. His boy George is clean, that's right, clean as a whistle. No skulls or bones in his closet for sure.

This thing has to stop right now. New rules: If you are a journalist and you talk about Bush and Hitler, you're fired on the spot, no ifs, ands, or buts. If you are an official and you try it, you will be forced to resign -- you're done. And for all of you trouble-makers out there who want to keep it up on your own, we can keep track of you with the Patriot Act.

So there .... Granny
::: Bush's New Plan Re Illegal Aliens :::

Yes, that is right ... ILLEGAL ALIENS, not undocumented workers or guest workers --

There is nothing worse than a swaggering, arrogant cowboy pandering to one group of
people, while destroying another group (middle-class) in a conspicuous bid to secure more

Look up swaggering, arrogant cowboy in the dictionary and ...
voila ... a picture of Dubya is sure to be on that page.

[Such reference would be found in the Lying Criminal Politician

First off, I have no problem with immigration. We are all immigrants ... with the
exception of Native Americans ... we immigrated right over them. I do think
immigration has lent a strength to the fabric of America. But our immigration
policy stinks and might as well be non-existent for all the enforcement going on..

The announcement today was just another nail in the coffin of the middle class.
"Americans won't take those jobs." Of course not. Which American do you know
who can support their family on $4.00 per hour ... even with two or three of
those jobs?

If the policy is passed and we begin to document illegal aliens, what
wage will they be paid. Will America stoop to the level of third world countries
and quit paying a living wage? How about health care for illegals in the process
of becoming citizens? Who pays for that? Guess!

Bush spoke about requiring workers in the process of gaining citizenship
learning about this country, what it stands for and its history. So ... will
they be required to lean to speak English and will Americans learn to
speak Spanish (in their own country) as an option ... not a requirement?

Claims are that we cannot stop the hoards of illegals flowing into this
Really! So if that is true, how can we stop Al Qaeda from doing
the same. What exactly is Tom Ridge supposed to be doing besides
telling us to get our "ducks taped?

Suppose we did this ... can we then close the border and not
allow another few million to come to America. Advocates keep speaking
about the hard working illegals who have been her so long and
working so hard and paying their taxes.

Huh? How can they be paying taxes if they are illegal?

If ... we could actually police the border and require foreigners wanting to
come to America and become citizens to acquire the proper papers and
follow the red, white and blue road to Americanization, and ensure that
employers paid minimum wage, it just might work.

Wait! Isn't that what they are supposed to be doing now?

Hmmm... probably won't work. It is obvious we are incapable of tracking
illegals or "on the road to legals" now. Why would we suddenly grow
a brain and have that astonishing capability?

::: Ok, No Time, But Geeze :::

Sorry guys, but Granny has been running the roads back and forth to UT Hosp. Dad having
heart cath, being poked, prodded, (tortured) stuffed in a room, fed yucky food, etc... you know,
the norm.

But I am just mad as hell about the illegal alien proposals on the table and Dubya is
planning some big announcement or plan (wonder if 2004 Election ... nah?) I do not
know what it involves yet, but I am sure I will hate it.

One question before I simply must hit the hay ... back to UT in morning ... up at 5am.
Granny = one miserable camper.

Anyway here it is ... I keep hearing that illegals should be given driver's licenses and
the VOTE because after all, many of them have been in America working and paying
and they deserve ... yadata yadata....

How can they be paying taxes if they are illegals? Are they referring to
sales taxes or what?

Night, night! Hope the bed bugs bite the Bush Toad.
::: Will The Real Snake Stand Up And Hiss ::: OR :::
::::: Will Prosecutors Have To Beat The Bushes :::::

Scott McClellan's Comedic Debut.

WASHINGTON - A Democratic senator called on the White House Tuesday to require staffers to cancel reporter confidentiality agreements so the journalists might tell investigators whether a Bush administration official leaked a CIA operative's name.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan responded to the request, saying, ``It would be unfortunate if people are seeking to politicize a serious matter like leaking classified information for partisan gain.''

From ...
Editors Note |(Wm. R. Pitt )| As the probe into who leaked the name of CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame gathers steam the FBI will ask all White House staff members to sign waiver forms granting their permission to those reporters involved to name the source of the information. George W. Bush's press secretary Scott McClellan is saying all the right things publicly but refuses to commit to the waiver forms. Privately some of the reporters have told British reporter Julian Borger of the Guardian that the source was in fact top Bush confidant Karl Rove.

Besides, as Granny read yesterday, signing this so-called waiver form
sounds like it releases the White House staff person who signs it, but
what connection would it have to "releasing" the journalists from their
treasured pledge of never revealing sources?

Sing it Scott! "And the monkey wrapped his tail around the flagpole ..."
Saturday, January 03, 2004
::: George Bush's New Years Resolutions :::

No. 1: Do not call Dad anymore for advice on the Isseys over in Iraq. All
he does is criticize my decisions and sheesh, Kenny Boy says I am doing
a super job.

No. 2: Call Kenny Boy more often. He likes me and Dick real good. (No
wonder, ha, he is not in jail. So he owes me.)

No. 3: Do not try riding that stupid two wheel thing anymore. I got
bruised up pretty bad last summer trying to impress people.

No. 4: Wolfy suggests I should call those Kurdy Turdys and thank them
for keeping Saddam locked up and giving him great drugs until I was
ready to do my quarterback sneak on the Saturday he was caught.
So far hardly anyone has noticed I managed to sneak parts of John
Ashcroft's DSEA, no ... calling it a different name now and I
don't remember it, but I managed to get "financial institution" changed
to most anything he says it is so he can peek at all the records of
peoples financial stuff.
I don't know what for, but if he wants it,
it must be right.

No. 5: Tell Dick to get those Halliburton guys whipped into shape. Am
tired of catching hell for a little bit of blood on the floor of the soldier's
mess. Golly, it is a war zone, after all. I guess that will depend
on whether Dick gets indicted by the Frenchies -- boy have they got
some nerve. We need to crank up HAARP and get them thinkin straight.
Sometimes I wonder about Dick. There's that Enron/Energy problem
and all the bad press about that actor Scratz Schwartz Scratzenegger
and that meeting in Beverly Hills
and Dick still insisting Saddam is
connected to 9-11
and now more trouble with those pussy Frenchies.
Just look at my website for details on everything. I can really let it
rip on there.

No 6: I promise to try and get more done that they want. Geeze, I am
trying really hard but I get so tired and sometimes I mess up ... well
golly, it didn't really hurt the stupid dog.

No. 7: Call Colin Powell and tell him we simply have to do something
about these people not having regular names. That new guy they
wanted me to talk about, that terrorist guy in a bath robe ... Kiddafey
Quidafay -- damn I need a drink. Anyway they need more
easy names to say in speeches. I forget now why I was talkin about
that diaper head, anyway. If a man cannot have a real name, I
say we don't talk about him. (Memo to self: Self (ha, I'm so funny) tell
Powell to work on that project and let Condi help since she needs to
get busy and quit worrying about testifying at that 9-11 whitewash
I set up.)

No. 8: Oh and another thing that pisses me off --- I gotta call out
the war dogs on the press and those idiots on the Internet. They
keep saying bad things about me and writing books about me and
more books and I don't like it ... lets see what they think about me
"bringing it on 'em." We're gonna shut that logging bogging party down
asap. That's where they really get on my case and accuse me of all
kinds of dum stuff. (But do not confuse them with the tree logging
folks ... I like them.) At least that is what my buddies over at PNAC
said ... and wow, we're gonna get Space Control too. It sure is a
great time to be a Bush. Just look at what Neil did the other day,
making us more samol smackies oh hell, money
and I cannot
forget Jeb and his buddie (ha, she's a looker) Katherine for getting
me Florida.

No. 10 9: Yes, I can count, damnit. But we don't have to worry now
cause some of our friends are in charge of the new votin machines.
We tried them out in 2002 midterms and they worked great. Some
of those traitors out there think they can stop me, but I got news for
them --- I will just print up Wanted Dead or Alive posters on all those
assholes, and we'll take 'em down Texas style. Plus that Goltee Colder
rats, that loud mouth blonde who is on TV all the time -- especially
my channel -- FOX Fair and Balance.

No. 10: Whew! This making up revolut restitu (damn) stuff I am gonna
think and do next year is tuff. Mostly, me and Barney are gonna eat pretzels
and watch the games. Oh ... and we are gonna get President again too and
Barney is the Presidentel Pressente CRAP, CRAP, CRAP! My Dog. Why
does everthing have to be so tuff?

Bonus Res: Be sure to thank Bill Clinton for holding the line on those fools
trying to mess with my cattle-ranchin buddies.
They ain't nothin wrong
with our meat. Our meat is the best. Besides, they feed the really yucky stuff
to the dogs and cats of America -- true patriots, like Barney.

WOW, gotta run -- that blonde girl is on TV again -- giving the other side hell.

George & Barney

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