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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
::: Saddam, We Got Him :::

Granny ~~ JMHO

The capture of the unholy dictator of Iraq changes nothing in reference to the LIES
that led us there.

If America wishes to become the savior of oppressed people, so be it. I champion that
stance and will pay my taxes to support such a moral effort.
But ...
A government cannot use manipulation of facts, supposition and outright lies to nudge
a population toward war, then display obvious profiteering by themselves and for their
corporate companions.

While America's sons and daughters are dying in Iraq and their lives are damaged at
home by loss of employment, outsourcing of jobs, military pay cuts, and healthcare
rockets to the Moon, Americans get an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens who
enjoy the services paid for by their taxes. Then the Bush administration expects
Americans to cheer the removal of a lone dictator who who was in a box and sat
atop one of the world's biggest treasures in oil ... even if Americans are addicted to
cheap oil.

Then Americans discover Bush & Rummy have sent their children to war in Vietnam-Era
flak jackets, leaving their parents to scour the earth for the newer vests that really
protect them from flying bullets. We won't even talk about the NOT-armored
vehicles they ride in.

Yet, Bush comes forward and asks the American people for $87 Billion more for Iraq.
Not many objected to the portion allotted for the troops ... it was hoped they might
finally get decent equipment, better food and water. But, many were very unhappy
to learn that over $18 Billion was for "reconstruction." We soon found out that term
had taken on new meaning. Instead of repairing the infrastructure of the United
States, or using money to upgrade our schools, or rebuilding our own power grid and
highways, Bush intends to do all that good stuff in Iraq.

Now that a bedraggled Saddam has been whisked away to an "undisclosed location," (btw
Granny is almost as sick of seeing "captured Saddam footage" as she is of seeing reports
on Michael Jackson, Laci Peterson and Kobe Bryant) many are asking, "What is next?"

Perhaps this. U.S. Congress Votes For Sanctions Against Syria

Hmmm... could it be "on to Syria next?"

The arguments for the war in Iraq did not include the liberation of the Iraqis until
there were no WMD found and the lies re the "yellow cake" forgery became
apparent. Next we discovered Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11. Now that Saddam is
in custody, the LAND SHARKS are beaming their latest message to all in signal range.
See, Saddam was a terrible, evil, dirty, nasty, lice infested murderer!
Surely you cannot
object to our doing the world a huge favor by ridding the sand atop the oil of his presence?

Why, that is incredible, they exclaim. What kind of Americans are you? And that Howard Dean,
if he were POTUS, Saddam would still be murdering, raping and uh, profiting from all
that oil.

Americans would feel better about the war in Iraq if they did not feel they were
tricked by trumped up 9-11 terror-scare-tactics (the boogey man is coming). Lying
to the public has a psychological impact on a population as well. They feel stupid
and embarrassed for believing the lies.

One of the latest sound-bite lines re Iraq is to claim Saddam was himself a "Weapon
Of Mass Destruction." While apt to a degree, WMD Saddam will not spin fast enough
to make Americans dizzy with glee and lose their memory on who put us in this spot.

The current administration has vastly underestimated the intelligence of the American
people. Write this down!

Americans are not stupid.
Americans are not fools.
Americans are not dazzled by rhetoric.
Americans are not asleep at the wheel.
Americans are not terrorized by red/yellow or whatever alerts
Americans are not impressed by strutting peacocks in flight suits
Americans are not impressed by presidents doing photo ops with fake turkeys.
Americans are sick to death of the lies.
Americans are going to VOTE.

Granny Out

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