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Sunday, December 14, 2003
::: Saddam is Toast ~ We Finally Got Him

A bearded, bedraggled Saddam appears in the cable news loop as US soldiers finally
capture the dictator. I applaud the troops on the ground (and help from Israelis com-
mandos I read about in S. Herst article), and applaud the person or persons who
were brave enough to reveal the information that lead to his capture.

If the revelation involved a family member, even distant, it took great courage.
Iraqis value family ties above all else and are know to marry within the family.

Of course, Bush has already been on television to take credit. He barely managed
to contain his glee and tried instead to speak of the success of our troops, and
what his capture would mean to the Iraqis.

Reports are that Iraqis and people all over the world are celebrating. Yet there
were explosions from a reported car bomb in Baghdad. Many in the resistance
claim they do not fight for Saddam, but against U. S. occupation.

It is a very big news day indeed! Must get about the business of tracking the
details which are sure to bring unpleasant revelations re the capture. I wonder
why we are constantly shocked to learn "the turkey was fake" for Thanksgiving,
and American flags were distributed the Kuwaitis after Gulf I for the parade
into town. So ... we gather our strength to await news of the latest disaster in
foreign policy.

More later on this from the Granny

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