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Saturday, December 06, 2003
::: Ok, Let's Give Them Democracy For Christmas :::

Or no, lets not wait ... Do it today!

Beware! This is sure to become another Granny Holding Forth Rant ...
you know, those where Granny just thinks with her fingers flying over the
keyboard and most of the aftermath does not resemble anything that would
be the result of a thinking person's rational brain. So ... Forewarned, you are.

It is about this democracy thing in Iraq.

Are we supposed to believe that men who have managed to somehow
get through a minimum of 12 years of schooling and probably another
6-8 for most, could possibly have never "thought" about what would
happen when a country under the thumb of a dictatorship was liberated?

Now I guess their level of schooling could be considered an assumption, but
considering you need a high school diploma (I think) to work for Mickey-Ds,
it is probably a fair bet.

Say, take communism ... and the fall of the Soviets, a transition from
totalitarian communism to democratic capitalism. Even my best friend
and I who were at the time busy having fun writing a romance novel, had
discussed how the ordinary Russians would react to suddenly being free.

Freedom is far more than a word to toss about while patting yourself
on the back for delivering it to a people. We discussed how people who had
had their entire futures planned for them and all their needs provided by
government (for sure not provided to any satisfaction) would react when they
were required to actually begin making decisions. Wouldn't this be a difficult
transition for them? Would they know the meaning of responsibility for

How would they behave, knowing they were free to do as they pleased? Would
the price of freedom be factored in prior to the liberation and would plans be
made to assist the newly liberated and guide them to peaceful coexistence?

So ... are Americans so stupid, they would believe these extraordinarily
brilliant men and women running the U.S. Government did not know
that without planning, a liberated people, especially a people so abused
by their own tyrannical leader, would explode in ecstatic confusion into the
streets in a frenzy of looting and destructive violence.

Think of a tiger caged, unable to do more than stand, left in the burning
heat along side a highway, where anyone who paid a nominal fee could
stand beside the cage and poke the cat with a sharp stick. What would
the tiger do if the visitor slipped the latch of the cage and freed the cat?

My guess, maul and eat them ... and dash off without a thought of what
would come next.

Granny is just saying ... what a damn shame to free a people without a
thought to what would come next. What a terrible waste.

Alas, it seems it is always my growling stomach that cuts you a break.
It is past my lunchtime!

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