Granny Rant
Tuesday, December 23, 2003
::: Merry Christmas Happy Holidays :::
::: Oh Rats! Have A Nice Thursday :::

Ok, this political correctness BS is on Granny's last nerve.

Nativity Scenes ~~ Not allowed!
Religious References ~~ Not allowed!
Illegal Aliens ~~ Undocumented Workers (Ha!)
You Liberals All Hate America and Love Saddam
Liberals Support Terrorists and Love Ossama
Bush Is An Idiot = Treason
Ashcroft is a Nazi = The Truth (JMHO)

I think the White House "Holiday Tree" was the last straw.

Seems to Granny We The People (you remember, Americans)
are the ones who are behaving like idiots --- listening to stupid
guideline on how to celebrate our holidays.

So who is going to be in charge of our free speech from here
on out? Exactly WHO am I supposed to check with to get an
OK for my Easter Celebrations? I have to admit, I agree with
Eddie Izzard ... in wondering what the devil Rabbits have to do with
Jesus, but hey, Granny is not in charge of that holiday or any other.

Could someone just post instructions of what we should say and do?

An over-the-top Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Gran, who has been up too late three
nights wrapping Thursday Gifts.

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