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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
::: Another Friend Of American Voters -- Diebold Voting Machine Worries :::

Diebold Knew Of Flaws In Voting Software And
Advised EmployeesTo Misrepresent Them.

Letter from Dennis Kucinich to Hon. F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. and
Hon. John Conyers of the House Judiciary Committee citing abuses of
the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and recent intimidation
techniques of Diebold, Inc.

From Letter of Nov. 21, 2003 --- paraphrased

Kucinich reports (as many of us have read and bookmarked and done
our best to keep the links active) Diebold, one of the nation's largest
electronic voting machine manufacturers, is seeking to eliminate
circulation of employee emails that raise concerns about the security
of its machines.

According to Kucinich (and as most of us already know only too well)
Diebold has sent more than a dozen "cease and desist" letters to
ISPs that either posted or hyperlinked to other websites containing
these revealing emails. These "cease and desist" letters were in-

The emails do not harm Diebold except in the sense that they may
cause state and local municipal purchasers to subject the machines
to greater scrutiny.

Hyperlinks do not a copyright infringement make!

Dennis is beginning to blister butts like Waxman.
I say Bravo!

Wow, now there is more: Diebold response after Kucinich letter:

Diebold Withdraws Legal Threats

Today, Kucinich released this statement: (Nov. 28, 2003)

"In a democracy where already half the people don't vote and where the last presidential election was decided by the Supreme Court, we cannot tolerate flawed voting equipment or intimidation of those who point out the flaws. Diebold backing down from its intimidation campaign is a positive step. An open and honest examination of the flaws in electronic voting will lead us to only one possible conclusion: electronic voting machines are dangerous to democracy because there is no way of ensuring their accuracy. We need to have a voter-verified paper trial for every election so that any errors and irregularities caused by the voting machines can be discovered."

Another Bravo for Dennis Kucinich!!

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