Granny Rant
Tuesday, November 25, 2003
:::::::: Well Shut My Southern Mouth :::::::::
::: Democrats Fold, Medicare Sham Passes :::

Granny is shocked and awed at the sight of Democrats, tails between
their legs, voting "aye" to the most hideous piece of legislation I've
seen come down the Repub pike.

One of the first things a thinking person would notice was the actual
height of the stack of paper representing the bill, approximately one
foot high and delivered for consideration a mere 4 days ago. Plus,
from what I heard on TV (CSpan) only two Democrats were allowed to
participate in the Conference construction of this weighty tome.

Everyone who has read this pile of cobbled gobbeldy gook ...
raise your hand.

Then there is the provision prohibiting Medicare from negotiation with
drug manufacturers on cost ... Preposterous!

Oh, and the "25% Discount Card" supposedly coming right away for
seniors. Discount from where? If they cannot negotiate
costs, who will deliver this discount? And for the first time tonight
on Lou Dobbs I heard the words "seniors will be able to BUY a
discount card."

Name one group backing the Medicare Bill who will not
benefit financially by its passage.

Granny is pretty hot, but is also down again with a stupid bug.
I am sure Bush or Ashcroft beamed it over on me. Guess I had better
shut up.

Here is a bit of chit chat on the subject: Bitter Pills


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