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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
::: Rumors Of Granny's Demise ... Well, You Know The Rest :::

So where have I been? Oh, around!

Actually, I have been under the weather a bit, but that is not it ...

Actually, I have had the creeping LAZEE SICKNESS, but that is not it ...

Actually, we are very, very busy at the Pharmacy, but that is not it ...

Actually, it is all the changes in Tenncare and the rude customers
who DO NOT UNDERSTAND!, but that is not it ...

Actually, I have been so engrossed in politics, I have not had time, but that is not it ...
(You knew that was a blatant LIE .. am in training for the Bush White House)

Ok, so I have been doing a bit of spring ... ooopps .... fall cleaning, petting my
Cats and THE Dog ... (Never forget ... Cats Rule!

Have also been reading like a maniac and watching the going's one in DC.

Geeze those guys are crazy tha n a shithouse rat. I mean, has anybody ever in
their entire life heard so much incredible idiocy frothing from the mouths of the
leaders of these United States.

And Dybya!!! Right back out on the trail, blathering all the same horse hockey ...
what? does he really think the majority of us are buying it?

Oh yeah, the "serious discussions" over the military draft are surfacing ... of
course with most pretending it is a new idea and not the same ole
Military Draft Bill

I like this part best ...
Specifically, the bill mandates a national service obligation for every U.S. citizen and permanent resident, aged 18-26. To that end, the legislation authorizes the President to establish both the number of people to be selected for military service and the means of selection. Additionally, the measure requires those not selected specifically for military service to perform their national service obligation in a civilian capacity for at least two years. Under the bill, deferments for education will be permitted only through high school graduation.

And ... there are lots of interesting, but depressing goodies on Hollings Home Page

Public Debt To The Penny
as of 11|06|03


Increase in Federal Debt
since end of FY 2003 (9|30|03):


Gross Federal Deficit in FY 2003:


source: Bureau of Public Debt

Wow ... Make me wanna go Hmmmm .... And to remind everyone
to return to the Project For the New American Century
and read up on Rebuilding America's Defenses

These guys are really on the long hard slog to accomplish
all those super ideals listed in the above document.

And ... (last one) Lots of interesting stuff on the desire to police the
Internet ... Security Systems Standards and Certification Act

Pay Attention .... Yes/No??

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