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Saturday, November 15, 2003
::: A Couple of Shamey, Shameys :::

Uh ... on Dubya being worried sick over the California Wildfires...

Trial By Fire

Seems the Environmental Rapist in the White House strikes again ... in
the form of the "Healthy Forests Initiative."
Further, in pursuit of your safety, Congress has caved in to George W. Bush's "Healthy Forests Initiative." The Senate approved a deal brokered by Undersecretary of Agriculture Mark Rey, former timber industry lobbyist, which allows logging interests to "thin" 20 million acres of public lands -- for your safety, of course. Again, the "free market" gets its legislation and its profits, while the community gets lip service. The fact is that, as "free marketeers," the logging companies are in it for the profit, and since deadwood and scrub-brush don't sell very well down at the Home Depot, the substances that provided the very fuel for the wildfires will remain the problem of the state. The lumber that can be sold will be taken out by the "free marketeers."


Bush's Top Gun Stunt --- the COST to taxpayers.
Bush's "top gun" landing on the aircraft carrier was scripted down to the last second. An advance team spent days on the ship preparing for the event. And when Bush finally arrived, he brought an entourage of 75-100 people with him. The carrier had to stay out at sea an extra day so that Bush could do a "sleep over" with the troops. Not only did this delay their reunions with their loved ones an extra day, but it cost taxpayers a cool $3.3 million (the cost of keeping a carrier task force afloat for one day).

I say we take the $3.3 Million out of Bush's campaign $$ ... or his butt will do.
Then, there is this bit of absurdity ....
Just last week, President Bush tried to explain the relationship between progress in Iraq and the mounting U.S. casualties. "There are terrorists in Iraq," Bush said, "who are willing to kill anybody in order to stop our progress. The more successful we are on the ground, the more these killers will react." At some point - and that point may be right around now -- Bush's logic falls apart. The notion that more attacks on U.S. troops is a sign of "success" surely can't be sustained for more than a very, very short run, assuming that the argument has been thought through at all by Bush and his PR "spin" machine.

And .... Bush's recent comments on the soldiers military spirit being,
"a lot better than you'd probably think."

Just check out the Stars and Stripes article "The Ground Truth."

Half of the soldiers polled said morale was low, they claim they are
inadequately trained and they do not plan to re-enlist and then
there was that notice on the Pentagon's website (now removed,
I've heard) calling for young men and women over the age of 18
to re-staff county Draft Boards. The Pentagon's response was to
assert the boards needed to be staffed because ... well ... they
just re-staff them when staff leaves.

Duh ... Message from Pentagon, Tell those stupid Ordinary Fodder
Units anything to shut them up.

Oh, and here is an interesting factoid re the number of wounded soldiers

In the numbers game played by politicians, the wounded and non-combat casualties get discounted and ignored. The Pentagon has been reporting only the combat casualties- not deaths from accidents, friendly fire, and suicide.

The Pentagon has held off on reporting the number of wounded soldiers, creating a major gap in reporting on the war. In late October, Stars and Stripes reported that the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany had treated 7,381 wounded American soldiers.

Just to be sure no one missed it ... there have been 7,381 American soldiers wounded in Iraq.

My comment to the Pentagon would be the same as the comment made by the
lady tobacco farmer from my post, "Granny's Gone Insane"

Ok, gotta go feed cats on one fat dog and .... husband too!
Reminds me of my recent poster, "Husband and Cat Missing. Reward for Cat."

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