Granny Rant
Thursday, November 27, 2003
::: Bush Eats Turkey With The Troops :::

Apparently President Bush took the time to plan and execute a surprise trip
to Iraq
to visit the troops there. After convincing everyone he would be at
home in Crawford, Tx. with his family for Thanksgiving, he sneaked out of
town, boarded Air Force One, made a "no lights" landing at the airport in
Baghdad. His trip was an absolute secret to all but a few and I am sure the
Secret Service had a hissy fit (southernism) when they were told.

When Paul Bremer was finishing his speech to a group of approximately
600 troops, they kept the tease going by attempting to find a more senior
person to "read" the President's remarks to the troops. After saying, Let's
see if there is anyone more senior back behind the curtain to read this."
(Paraphrasing) George Bush stepped out in military duds and the troops
went wild. Bush was seen on the TV coverage serving and eating a meal
with the troops and they were estatic to have the Commander-In-Chief at
their side.

As most know who read my tirades, Bush is not one of my favorite people.
But I must say this was a stroke of genius on his part and actually did
involve some risk to President Bush.

I am sure most will call it a stunt, political or otherwise, but I for one still
feel he deserves an atta-boy on this one.

The explosive response from the troops when they saw him was well
worth whatever political mileage he will gain.

Bravo Dubya!

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