Granny Rant
Thursday, November 27, 2003
::: And What About ??? A few "Down The Rabbit Hole" Inquiries :::

Ok, so who is going to be arrested in the Valerie Plame outing?

Who made all that $$$ on insider trading on 9-11???

Who is Buzz Krongard???

Who had dinner with the brother of John Hinkley when the attempt was made to off Reagan???

Why are NO Enron Executives in Jail?

Why are Democrats lying down with the dogs in the White House?
Status quo ... business as usual? Ha, my warning is Americans
are finally waking up. I just hope it is not too late.

TinFoil Hats On: Why Can I NOT Find The Boeing

More questions later... gotta hurry ... yum Turkey and all the fixins

Happy Thanksgiving ... Granny

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